Friday, June 5, 2009

Marathon Consulting Announces Release of m|Solutions Line of Products

Marathon Consulting, leader in IT solutions and consulting, announced today the availability of the m|Solutions set of agile managed services. The m | Solution release adds a host of new features and enhancements, including the cutting edge m|Watch solution that ensures proactive monitoring of desktops and laptops. By using multiple techniques to actively inspect the aspects of all types of potentially threatening files on desktops and servers, the m|Watch solution ensures IT security and stability. Computers stay in peak condition with weekly scans performed after hours to prevent any interruption to the customer. Should any issues arise during a scan, clients are alerted before they turn into problems.

"We are very excited to release our new line of m|Solutions. The beauty behind our m|Watch offering is that clients do not know they are using m|Watch. Our clients can utilize this product while they continue working without interruption or slow down," says Bill Stucklen, Managing Partner for Marathon. "We find problems before the client will ever know and we can do this for a fixed or flat fee per machine per month. There is no longer any mystery of time and materials, it just works."

An upgraded version of m|Watch will also be available, called m|Watch+, which includes unlimited help desk support.

In addition to m|Watch, Marathon Consulting offers m|Protect, the data protection package with back up and disaster recovery security, m|Secure, a network security package to keep private data safe and finally m|Control, an elegant solution to bandwidth shaping. Marathon will continue to offer it's core field services, hardware services, software services, cloud computing, virtualization, and general IT consulting. These are just a few of the numerous important new software features offered by Marathon.

About Marathon Consulting

Founded in 2002, Marathon has established a very active client base with some of the highest standards for excellence in the IT industry. Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Marathon is the leading provider of mission-critical technology services to small and medium businesses nationwide. Providing IT intelligence by anticipating and resolving technology issues is the first priority for Marathon. Providing and maintaining valuable IT solutions for every client is of top importance.

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