Friday, June 12, 2009

Hands-on Banking & Leasing Consulting Unveils Its New Corporate Identity

Hands-on Banking & Leasing Consulting unveiled yesterday its new corporate identity and its new website. “The target of this full review was to emphasize on our commitment to the region and our will to communicate. The new logo and the website have been designed to reflect Arabic culture, communication and pragmatism. We have added to the website a page to provide key information on financing activities in the Middle-East and also, a specific page to share our punctual contributions/comments on news or events. We enjoy sharing our ideas, our views and analyses and we hope you will appreciate these changes” commented Tristan de Ferluc, Hands-on’ General Manager.

Hands-on Banking & Leasing Consulting is a management consulting firm based in the UAE and dedicated to Middle-East banks and specialized finance companies (car, equipment, real estate and consumer finance).

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