Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WineCircle Consulting Helps Wineries Break Into Retail Distribution

WineCircle, Inc., founded in 2007, announced a new program for wineries planning to grow their business. WineCircle Consulting is led by Peter Grossman, former Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager at Beverages and More! (Bevmo!). WineCircle Consulting provides analytics, coaching, product plans, and channel sales support for wineries seeking to move cases and extend their brand(s) into retail distribution

Having trained and managed buyers and merchandise managers at Bevmo!, and other retail chains, Grossman brings extensive "behind the scenes" management experience and expertise in new product introductions to help WineCircle Consulting clients create actionable plans to sell more cases of wine.

"Many wineries offer high quality wines but cannot get to first base with retail and wholesale buyers," explained Grossman. "WineCircle is uniquely positioned to help wineries work within the system and leverage their resources to identify voids and opportunities and deliver convincing presentations to retail and wholesale buyers to fill the voids and opportunities with products from their clients."

According to Grossman, retail buyers are always looking for the right products to replace slow sellers in their stores, and wholesale buyers are looking for products that will be supported at retail. WineCircle helps wineries understand product mix and pricing strategies that meet these buyers' criteria.

Grossman's expertise as a consultant includes experience as a senior level executive with deep technical expertise in the wine industry and in product assortment and pricing strategies, inventory management, supply chain, marketing, team building and operations. The WineCircle Consulting team includes channel sales specialist and WineCircle Founder, Mike Sullivan, an eclectic Advisory Board and a network of marketing, sales, operations, financial and business planning professionals which will be deployed depending on the scope of the project and the needs of the client.

WineCircle is committed to delivering results by selling more cases of its clients' wine while increasing gross profit margins on its clients' direct to consumer sales. Grossman said, "WineCircle shows growing wineries how to get a foothold in the distribution channel and helps bigger wineries to grow their brand and profits".

Visit WineCircle Consulting at, e-mail info (at) winecircle (dot) com for more information, or call 925-348-9300.

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