Friday, May 29, 2009

TSE Consulting Launches New "Event Appraisal" Business Line

TSE Consulting, the international sports consultancy, is creating a new business line on “Event Appraisal” and can now offer its public sector clients a full service related to preparing and conducting a full scale cost/benefit analysis of sports events.

This new business line will be headed up by Jorgen Hansen, who joints TSE Consulting as a Senior Consultant, having previously worked as the CEO of the Danish Badminton Federation and as a Senior Consultant for the Nordic management consultancy Ramboll.

Jorgen Hansen will be coordinating the provision of these services for cities, regions and countries wishing to analyse a complex picture of all the related costs and benefits when planning or evaluating a sporting event. He will be based at the TSE Consulting Scandinavia office in Copenhagen, which is headed by Director of TSE Consulting Scandinavia, Susanne Hedegaard.

Lars Haue-Pedersen, Managing Director of TSE Consulting: “We have often discussed with our public sector clients about the need for providing an alternative to the narrow focus of impact analysis of sporting events. With someone with the expertise of Jorgen Hansen on board we can now offer our clients full scale cost-benefit analyses with even more measurements of welfare changes by also including various opportunity costs and intangibles into this complex equation. We are very excited about the opportunities that this new business line offers and we are delighted that Jorgen has chosen TSE for the next steps in his career.”

Jorgen Hansen, Senior Consultant, TSE Consulting Scandinavia: “I think that my many years of experience in management consulting combined with my recent experience in the sports world provide me with a strong background for heading this new business line within TSE. I very much look forward to assisting TSE clients around the world to achieve a much more complete economic picture of the impact of a sporting event hosted within their city or region. I firmly believe that the whole area of appraisal of sporting events can be developed much further and I look forward to doing that within TSE”.

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