Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SRI World Group Forms Alliance with The CSR Group

SRI World Group, Inc., a leader in corporate sustainability data management and reporting solutions founded in 1998, today announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with The CSR Group LLC, a leading strategic management consulting and communications firm founded in 2002 that specializes in sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The collaboration will provide clients with a more powerful, comprehensive suite of consulting and technology services in CSR and sustainability.

SRI World Group will be offering The CSR Group's CSR Self-Assessment Tool, which gives an organization a comprehensive understanding of where they stand from a CSR/sustainability perspective. The assessment, which includes identification of the company's strengths and weaknesses in five key areas of CSR, serves as the foundation for the development of a CSR/sustainability strategy. The tool also maps to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), providing a framework for the development of a CSR/sustainability report. The CSR Self-Assessment Tool can be used effectively at the corporate, business unit, or site level. The assessment examines three key areas of an organization's environmental operations, as well as societal impact, CSR evolution, ethics and governance, and stakeholder engagement.

"The self-assessment can be completed more quickly and much more cost-effectively than comprehensive site audits and can provide a platform for a meaningful and practical dialogue about the company's CSR or sustainability initiatives, as well as provide an internal performance benchmark for sustainability, and a framework for reporting," according to Paula Ivey, President of The CSR Group LLC.

The CSR Group will be offering SRI World Group's OneReport(R), a suite of online sustainability data management, reporting and publishing solutions. OneReport allows organizations to assess sustainability reporting needs and to streamline the management of their social, environmental and corporate governance (ESG) information, including the delegation, approval, tracking and review process.

"For public companies, OneReport integrates the research needs of the leading social investment research and ratings firms, as well as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), into a single, customizable reporting system," said Jay Falk, president of SRI World Group. SRI World Group also provides solutions for organizations of any size and type (governmental agencies, NGOs and businesses). Organizations may self-publish CSR information, create Web-based GRI indices and reports, or generate the annual Communication on Progress reports required of UN Global Compact participants. We increasingly find clients who can benefit from a broader line of technology and consulting services," said Falk, "and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a respected partner in the CSR arena.

Ivey added that as the interest in CSR communications grows, "companies must find more efficient ways to identify the most important issues to address and communicate, and to ensure that they have the systems in place to collect and manage this information. One Report, together with our self-assessment tool, offers a powerful solution. We are honored to be working collaboratively with thought-leaders in our field, Jay Falk and One Report."

The CSR Group LLC is a strategic management consulting and communications firm that has been specializing in corporate social responsibility and sustainability since 2002. The company offers one-stop shopping for clients with diverse needs, utilizing a range of sophisticated tools and services. From stakeholder engagement to the development of complex strategies and management systems, The CSR Group brings expertise, creativity and the highest levels of competence to meet client needs. The firm's services are delivered through its network of independent consultants and strategic partners.

SRI World Group, a leading provider of online sustainability reporting solutions founded in 1998, supports reporting organizations worldwide through its OneReport suite of data management, reporting and Web publishing applications. OneReport integrates the research needs of the leading social investment research and ratings firms, as well as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), into a single, customizable reporting system. In addition to its multinational corporate clients, the company provides applications for organizations of all sizes and types to self-publish environmental, social and governance (ESG) information. OneReport provides the OneReport(R) COP Publisher for UN Global Compact participants, and the OneReport(R) GRI Publisher for self-publishing Web-based GRI indices and reports.

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