Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spyker Consulting/Spyker Metals Expands Operations

Spyker Consulting Inc., an international precious metals bullion brokerage firm, and Spyker Metals Inc., the company's precious metals brokerage service, announced today that it is expanding its home office at 1100 S Federal Highway in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The move will increase not only the amount of space the company is occupying, but with the addition of a series of private office suites and expansive conference room, better accommodate the level of quality customer service the company is dedicated to delivering to the investing public.

"Precious metals, especially Silver and Gold are a great place for investors seeking safety against economic fluctuations as well as price appreciation, "said JM Schuler, Director of Research/Chief Analyst for Spyker. Continuing, "With the popularity boom in Silver and Gold investing, we are experiencing growth not only in our business model, but the type of client we are serving. Our new 35,000 sq. ft facility reflects this quite well."

Spyker Consulting Inc. seeks to become the premiere force in the National and International precious metals markets. Currently it offers services to individual, corporate and trust accounts, as well as IRA programs for investors seeking gold, silver, platinum and or palladium in bullion form.

Schuler added, "We are witnessing a dramatic increase in local interest. Our new facilities will enhance the client and prospective client partner experience, as well as allow for larger local seminars and business meetings. The new facilities will also include state of the art information technology, giving our broker/advisors every tool they need to perform at the highest levels of our client's expectations."

Spyker Consulting/Spyker Metals, after a successful venture with the Money Show in Orlando, Florida has embarked on a program designed to further increase its place in the local investment community.

Company contact information: email: or call 888-779-5374 or, visit or

Spyker Consulting Inc. is an international bullion brokerage firm specializing in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The company, with Spyker Metals Inc., clears through Certified Inc. All metals are stored physically on deposit at COMEX, NYMEX and London Exchange approved depositories.

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