Friday, May 15, 2009

SiloSmashers Obtains ISO Certification with Help of Integration Technologies Group (ITG) Best Practices IT Services

SiloSmashers, a comprehensive management and technology consulting firm, has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification in record time through the use of Integration Technologies Group, Inc. (ITG) Best Practices IT consulting services.

“We had a strategic goal to attain the ISO certification,” said SiloSmashers CEO Angela Drummond-Rodgers. “As a federal contractor, ISO certification gives us a bit of a competitive edge and some government procurements require certifications.”

The process of obtaining certification begins with a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s internal processes, which often leads to significant process improvements. “Working with ITG is a good process for any organization to go through,” Drummond-Rodgers said of the 24 year-old organization. “While working to obtain the ISO certification we also reviewed existing practices and made adjustments, where necessary. We are always seeking ways to develop a quality product for our clients and obtaining the certification forces you to be more disciplined in all processes.”

ITG works with companies to help them obtain globally recognized certifications, including ISO certifications. ITG CEO Michael Angelakis said, “It was a pleasure working with SiloSmashers, a well organized company committed to quality. For ITG, providing Best Practices consulting services provides an opportunity to hone our skills, learn from our clients and become a better company. We congratulate Angela Drummond-Rodgers and the senior management of SiloSmashers for their dedication in making a good company even better.”

Achieving the ISO certification not only requires that an organization implement ISO Best Practice processes, but that they also understand them. “Working with ITG was instrumental in helping all members of the SiloSmashers team obtain this understanding,” said SiloSmashers Senior Vice President of Operations Dick Sherwood.

“It certainly is helpful if you have someone who understands and is very conversant in ISO 9001 to lead you through the certification activities and help you understand why you're doing what you're doing, what it means, and how it relates to the certification process,” said Sherwood. “ITG gave us a road map that led us to the point where we were certifiable.” ITG then trained SiloSmashers teammates in the new processes, including internal auditing.

In addition to being better positioned to bid on certain government contracts, SiloSmashers now has a proven ISO structure in place to help them manage their day-to-day operations. “We are much more conscious as a company about tracking operations, doing what we say we do and documenting it,” said Sherwood. “ITG has helped us with our continued effort at containing usable and valuable metrics with how we do business.”

About ITG

ITG is a global, Best Practices IT Services Company providing IT managed services, Best Practices consulting, and accessibility solutions. Since 1984, ITG has designed, tested, and delivered over $400 million in information technology systems in over 1,230 locations in 70 countries around the world. ITG is an ISO 9001:2008, CMMI III (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and ADA 508/504 (American Disabilities Act) company.

About SiloSmashers

Founded in 1992, SiloSmashers is a comprehensive management and technology consulting firm with expertise in program and project management, business transformation, IT strategy and execution, and marketing, communications and outreach. SiloSmashers works with clients to solve problems and eliminate barriers by bridging communication gaps, fixing broken processes, and building collaboration and consensus.

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