Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quantuvis Consulting Launches Best Practices Study Series

Quantuvis Consulting today announced the introduction of a new, ground-breaking Best Practices Study Series that will be made available to financial advisors free of charge. The first study, focused on business performance, is designed to deliver relevant business intelligence that will enable advisors to use the information to build better, more profitable businesses.

The Best Practices Study Series, which is being sponsored by Genworth Financial Wealth Management, takes surveys one step further by storing independent data and immediately directing it to an advisor's personalized, web-based Practice Dashboard, according to Stephanie Bogan, President of Quantuvis Consulting. This provides advisors with preliminary analysis on business performance, and also allows them to compare their performance to personal goals and industry peers.

"To date, industry surveys have provided valuable information to advisors, showing them where they stand compared to others in areas such as fees and compensation," said Bogan. "But, the data has been static and delivered in a format that is not easily usable. With the Best Practices Study Series, we are presenting the information in a unique, personal web portal for advisors so they can immediately take action and apply the study data to improve their firms."

Among the areas of focus in the Business Performance Study are the advisor's business model, ownership structure, financial performance and succession plans. According to Quantuvis Consulting, in today's challenging times, analyzing and improving upon these areas is more important than ever.

"We believe, especially in today's environment, that advisors have a tremendous interest in assessing various aspects of their businesses with an eye toward taking the necessary steps to grow and develop to the next level," said Gurinder Ahluwalia, co-chairman of Genworth Financial Wealth Management. "The new Best Practices Study Series empowers advisors with the ideas they need to succeed and even to leverage the success of their practices. Our goal is to give advisors strategies that have traditionally only been available by hiring a consultant."

The Study is now open. Advisors can visit www.quantuvis.com and click the PARTICIPATE NOW button to complete a brief registration and participate.

The results of the Best Practices Study: Business Performance will be released in September. Future quarterly studies will focus on three other areas: 1) Business Development, reviewing the advisor's marketing strategies, client niches, target markets, referrals and business sources; 2) Human Capital, looking into the advisor's organizational models, team model, staffing and compensation; and 3) Operations Optimization, focusing on the advisor's technology resources, firm systems, investment and financial planning. Each study will include a special section on what drives success in changing market conditions, along with an analysis of emerging trends and how they impact the advisor's business.

For further information about the Best Practices Study Series, contact Dana Marino at ascent@quantuvis.com.

About Quantuvis Consulting

Founded in 1996, Quantuvis is a leading consulting firm specializing in practice management consulting for the nation's top independent financial advisors and institutions. Located in Redlands, California, Quantuvis Consulting was acquired by Genworth Financial in 2008. quantuvis.com

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Genworth Financial Wealth Management, a Genworth Financial Company, is an investment management and consulting firm dedicated to helping financial advisors build great businesses. Genworth Financial Wealth Management represents the merger of two Genworth subsidiaries, AssetMark Investment Services and Genworth Financial Asset Management, and provides one of the most comprehensive fee-based investment management platforms in the industry, in addition to client relationship management tools and practice management programs. For more information, visit genworthwealth.com.

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