Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pepperweed's Consulting Services Division Celebrates Two Years of Soaring Growth by Becoming an Independent Company

In 2007 Pepperweed Consulting embarked on a new company strategy to build a world class IT Management Consulting division to focus on complex IT challenges. Two years and dozens of successful Fortune 500 client engagements later, a new company is born. Pepperweed Advisors the IT Consulting Services (Management Consulting) division of Pepperweed Consulting was spun out to create a new, high-growth company positioned as a trusted advisor that utilizes advanced Intellectual Property to yield consistent client experiences and outcomes.

Pepperweed Advisors will continue to service its Fortune 500 marquee clients developing solution offerings in the areas of IT Strategy, Governance, Asset Management, Data Center Optimization, Project Portfolio Management, Service Management, Security, and more. In addition, Pepperweed Advisors will continue to build new solutions offerings like E-Discovery to meet the evolving needs of IT organizations.

Pepperweed Advisors is based in Pittsburgh, PA and is governed as an independent company. It is anticipated that Pepperweed Consulting will be selling its majority ownership interest in Pepperweed Advisors to help fund the growth of the remaining business operations. The entire sales, presales, delivery, and management team of the Consulting Services division has transitioned to Pepperweed Advisors. Pat Stewart, the Chairman and CEO of Pepperweed Consulting, will be the CEO of Pepperweed Advisors in addition to his current duties until the sale of Pepperweed's controlling ownership interest is completed.

Greg Downer, Vice President & Managing Director of Pepperweed Advisors, commented, "The creation of an independent company is the last piece to our exciting growth strategy developed two years ago. This final step clearly demonstrates to the marketplace that Pepperweed Advisors is an independent trusted solutions partner."

Pepperweed Advisors will continue to control the strategy and drive future development of the Pepperweed Process Model and PathFinder. The Pepperweed Process Model, an "ERP for IT" reference model containing more than 20 processes, has been downloaded by more than 2000 IT professionals in 80 countries. The Process Model is available for download at no cost and provides valuable guidance on how to govern, manage, control, operate and secure the IT function. Pepperweed Advisors unlocked the vault of IT process improvement intellectual property, and gave everyone a key.

The Pepperweed Process Model is available for online viewing and free download at the Pepperweed Advisors website. Visit the link here for more information.

About Pepperweed Advisors

Pepperweed Advisors is a trusted advisor consulting partner who assists organizations in governing, managing, controlling, operating and securing the IT function, which is critical during a time when IT organizations are maturing rapidly. Maturity means improved processes, verifiable controls, increased automation and changing the way people work. Our intense focus on organizational change is exactly what will enable you to shift IT from the server room to the board room!

The task is complex, the risk is high, a trustworthy partner is essential; there is no time for junior consultants, outsourcing agendas, endless change orders or being forced into a product vendor's definition of best practice -- contact Pepperweed Advisors today!

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