Friday, May 15, 2009

Midwest Consulting Firm Brings IT Vendor Experience to Small and Medium Businesses to Save Jobs, Reduce Costs

Finding new ways to reduce operating costs has become as crucial in today's marketplace as growing company revenue. While most cost reductions impact service levels, TAMA's consultants are helping companies identify significant savings within their hardware/software environment.

According to Technology Asset Management Associates Managing Director Steven Brooks, "Our objective is to audit and assess how IT assets are being used, and help companies make the necessary adjustments to reduce their costs. You would be amazed at what we find in our assessments." There can often be a significant disconnect between the accounting and IT departments in many companies. Invoices are paid for assets no longer in use and limited funds continue to leave the building.

Over time, companies add new computers, laptops, printers, servers and business applications to meet their growing needs. The associated leases, maintenance agreements, and licenses can be a source for real savings. For companies that are considering hardware upgrades or new software applications, TAMA consultants can apply their many years of vendor experience to ensure the company selects the best solution at the lowest price. It's as if you are bringing an automobile salesperson with you to pick out a new car. You are leveraging the salespersons knowledge. Our consultants come from the IT vendor side of the business. Their expertise is focused on immediate cost relief.

After an initial series of assessment, TAMA will make recommendations on where and how to reduce costs. In many cases, TAMA's consultants are able to perform the work necessary to complete the improvement. In cases where remediation or additional technical assistance is required, TAMA has partnered with local service providers to deliver a complete solution.

Headquartered in Vernon Hills, IL. TAMA is focusing on businesses and government sectors where budgets are impacting critical services. According to Mr. Brooks, "we are reaching out to the suburban school districts and hospitals where service levels are impacting our community." To learn more about how TAMA can help your company, you can visit them on the web at, or they can be reached at 847-404-2016.

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