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Lueg: Dealer Management System for Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG

Another leading light in the German car dealing sector, Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG, has chosen to implement CARBON, the Dealer Management System from IMG, the consulting services of the S&T Group. CARBON, the Dealer Management System based on SAP DBM, is scheduled to be installed and in operation at all of LUEG?s 17 regional locations, as well as at the company headquarters, by early next year. LUEG will then have a flexible and integrated system that forms the basis for future business success.

Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG, the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in Germany, is investing in the future by modernizing all its business processes and its IT environment. The core of this modernization consists of the CARBON Dealer Management System (DMS) from IMG, the Consulting Services of the S&T Group. ?We have a clear vision: by 2011 we want to be one of the top ten best Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Germany and thereby ensure long-term success and jobs at LUEG,? comments CEO Jörg Scharwald. One goal in particular is associated with the implementation of CARBON ? the integration and meshing of all corporate processes and programs that have so far been used in isolation. This will result in significant improvements in efficiency and productivity across the whole group.

Rapid implementation

CARBON is based on SAP Dealer Business Management (DBM) and completely fulfills all the requirements. It integrates corporate data and arranges the data in a uniform database. The previous, time-consuming task of entering data multiple times will thus be consigned to history. The system is also adaptable to future requirements as further modules can be added at any time. ?We can therefore react with great flexibility and quickly buy in resources when necessary,? explains Joachim Hubinger, Head of IT/Organization at LUEG. The time available between the project start on March 9th and the start of live operations in early 2010 is short ? such a rapid implementation is only possible with close cooperation between LUEG and IMG as well as the implementation skills of IMG and the consistent application of best practice processes.

360° view

The major investment will bring huge benefits for LUEG; CARBON gives users a complete view of customer information, with all the relevant data available at a glance ? from basic customer data, factory orders and any open sales quotes to billing and financial accounting. Furthermore, the customer data can be analyzed and queries can be initiated, for example for customer acquisition campaigns. The LUEG service department will also benefit from the system: damage claims can be handled more quickly as many entries are already preset. Usually, all the prices will be available via the online access and the data completeness will allow immediate issuing of invoices. In addition, further manual steps involved in warranty processing will be superseded by the system and it will be possible to promptly make statements regarding any assumption of costs. All the LUEG brands will be integrated, starting with Mercedes-Benz and Sportivo, which includes the Ferrari and Maserati brands. This will be followed, in 2010, by smart and a third phase will also allow the operational inclusion of Opel.

Greater transparency

The new system will not only facilitate day-to-day operational work and cooperation at LUEG, and thereby improve the quality of customer service, but it will also provide management data for strategic decision making that has better quality and greater transparency. Georg Komornyik, COO BS S&T: ?LUEG is not allowing the economic crisis and the falls in automobile sales to slow it down and, with this investment in CARBON, it is establishing the basis for future success. This project, in which we have overall responsibility for the implementation of the proven CARBON standard processes and also for the LUEG-specific requirements that result from, for example, the A representative status, is an exciting challenge for our consultants. This shows that our Dealer Management System perfectly matches the needs of the industry and, in this particular case, the Daimler world.?

About Lueg

The name LUEG has for many years stood for growth and success in the Ruhr area. The foundation for this was provided already 140 years ago when Friedrich Lueg founded a carriage factory in Bochum in 1868. In conjunction with the advent of motorization, the company was quick to see the potential of cars, which led to it signing a contract in 1914 with the automobile pioneer Benz & Cie, which still today forms the basis for the cooperation partnership with Daimler AG.

With annual sales totaling 25,400 vehicles and ?621 million (2007), the LUEG group is one of the largest car dealers and service providers in Germany. In addition, LUEG is the largest authorized Daimler AG sales and service partner. The group has a total of approximately 1,650 staff, based primarily in the Ruhr area, the Sauerland region and West Saxony. The portfolio of services includes sales and servicing of the Daimler brands Mercedes and smart, as well as the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands and the exclusive Ferrari and Maserati marques. The van Eupen division of the group also caters for Opel, Saab and Volvo cars.

The Daimler division of the LUEG group consists of the 13 Fahrzeug-Werke LUEG AG Mercedes Centers as well as 3 Autohaus LUEG GmbH Mercedes Centers in Saxony. In the Ruhr area, 4 specialized commercial vehicle centers with comprehensive service provision programs, which include service hours until 10pm, collect and bring services, driver mobility, CharterWay commercial vehicle rental, service contracts and much more, ensure the provision of absolute top quality in terms of a flexible and modern service for the commercial vehicle target group.

About S&T in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH)

S&T, with its approximately 800 staff, is one of the largest providers of IT consulting, solutions and services in the German speaking (DACH) region of Europe.

S&T addresses upper mid-sized companies as a One-Stop IT Shop.

S&T offers its customers in the DACH region a balanced portfolio of services, ranging from management consulting and the optimization of business processes, based mainly on SAP, to the operation and optimization of infrastructure.

S&T DACH consists of S&T in Austria combined with the former Information Management Group (IMG), taken over by S&T in early 2007, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The strengths of both companies have been bundled into a joint portfolio of services and applications.

S&T DACH offers international business consulting and comprehensive SAP projects using the IMG Consulting Services of S&T brand.

S&T DACH is part of the S&T Group which, with about 3,000 employees in 21 countries and sales of 513.4 million euros in 2008, is the leading provider of IT consulting, solutions and services for customers in Central and Eastern Europe and the DACH region, and also has subsidiaries in China and Japan.

About SAP

For over 35 years, the name SAP (Systems, Applications and Products for data processing) has stood for innovation, success and creativity. The company is the world?s third largest independent software vendor and we develop tailored business solutions for our clients around the globe. With complete integration, a sector-specific array of functions, unlimited scalability and smooth transfer and cooperation via the Internet, companies in all industry sectors can optimally handle their business processes with our solutions. Our success is based on the high quality of our products as well as the extensive experience and skills of our staff.

SAP for the automobile trade: tuning for your business!

Car dealers wishing to strengthen and expand their market presence must find new solutions. Key factors include tapping into new fields of business, providing multiple-marque sales and working closely with partners. SAP Dealer Business Management is the future-oriented IT solution with which these and many other challenges can be reliably mastered.

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