Friday, May 15, 2009

IT Consulting Firm JUMP Technology Services Relocates Headquarters

A few weeks ago JUMP began receiving inquiries about the for sale sign in front of its 41st street location. JUMP's sign was cut down for the easement purchased for the I-44 project. Contrary to appearances, the information technology consulting company is not a casualty of the recession but a growing company that has recently relocated as part of its strategic direction.

In October 2008, the company announced that it would begin offering search engine optimization workshops and development training in conjunction with Tulsa based partner, Network Enhanced Training (N.E.T).

"We're very excited about our new location. We are just upstairs from N.E.T and just two flights down from the training rooms. Another huge plus is the additional training room we've added to our suite. Not only is this a win for our efforts in training small businesses and manufacturers to increase their sales through the internet, but it provides a better collaborative environment for our systems staff." said Denise Brinkmeyer, president of JUMP Technology Services.

The relocation is one of a series of steps in the company's current infrastructure improvement project. In late 2008, JUMP relocated its production environment to Rackspace, and in early 2009 implemented more rigid training and management programs.

"These changes have really helped us with our top and bottoms lines," says Brinkmeyer. "With the increased efficiency we've been able to take on many new and larger projects with confidence in our quality and consistency. With the increasing demand for our workshops and classes, we are especially happy about the new location. This will be a busy year."

For more than 20 years, JUMP Technology Services® has helped organizations understand how to translate their ideas into high value solutions. Since its founding as CIMCASE International in 1986 to the emergence of JUMP Technology Services® in 2000, the company implements a wide range of successful technology solutions, including ERP systems, custom software architecture design and development, as well as Internet marketing consulting and training.

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