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Europe's Cloud Experts Head to Prague for Cloud Computing Expo Europe 2009

Next week Cloud Computing and Virtualization are going to be center stage, 18-19 May, at the Prague Hilton as the Czech Republic plays host to Cloud Computing Expo Europe 2009, co-located with Virtualization Conference Europe 2009 - the first conference outside the USA in SYS-CON's world-beating series of events devoted to the two hottest interlinked topics in Enterprise IT today.

Speakers and attendees alike are traveling to Prague from all over Europe, and indeed many are even flying in from the USA in order to familiarize themselves with where exactly Europe is located on the Cloud/Virtualization spectrum right now. Here is a round-up of speakers, arranged by country of origin.

From the Czech Republic:

Roman Stanek - Founder & CEO, Good Data

Session Title [click for full details]:
Opening Keynote: Building Great Companies on the Cloud

Roman Stanek is a technology visionary who has spent the past fifteen years building world-class technology companies. Currently Founder & CEO of Good Data, which provides collaborative analytics on demand, he previously co-founded first NetBeans, now a part of Sun Microsystems and one of the leading Java IDEs, and then and Systinet, now owned by Hewlett-Packard and the leading SOA Governance platform on the market.

From Germany:

Christoph Reich - Head of IT, Hochschule Furtwangen University

Session Title [click for full details]:
Cloud Infrastructure and Application - CloudIA

Christoph Reich is the head of the IT and e-learning departments in the Hochschule Furtwangen University (HFU). In addition he is the director of the Cloud Research Lab at HFU. Finally, he is one of the board members of the RZ Leiter Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Dr Harald Kornmayer - Senior Researcher, NEC Laboratories Europe

Session Title [click for full details]:
Equinox Above the Cloud

Dr Harald Kornmayer is senior researcher at NEC Laboratories Europe. He works in the domain of distributed systems including Grid and Cloud computing. He has experience in many national and international research projects from his former positions in different research institutions. His interests beyond Grid and Cloud computing are SOA and SaaS systems. He is project lead of the Eclipse Project g-Eclipse since its beginning.

Raimund Genes - Chief Technology Officer of Anti-Malware, Trend Micro

Session Title [click for full details]:
IT Security Delivered from the Cloud

Raimund Genes brings more than 30 years of computer and network security experience to his position of Chief Technology Officer of Anti-Malware at Trend Micro. In this role, Mr. Genes is responsible for introducing new methods for businesses to detect and eradicate malware. He’s also the GM for Trend Micro’s Incubation Business.

From France:

Louis Naugès - Founder & President, Revevol

Session Title [click for full details]:
Practical Strategies for Moving to a Cloud Infrastructure

Louis Naugès is Founder & President of Revevol, the first European Consulting organization 100% dedicated to SaaS and Cloud Computing. He has 30 years of IT experience. Very few people in Europe have his knowledge and expertise in Cloud & SaaS technologies and applications. He works directly with CIOs of very large organizations. Revevol is the first EMEA distributor of Google Apps and the largest worldwide organization deploying Google Apps is one of Revevol's clients.

Jérôme Bernard - Director, EMEA Operations at Elastic Grid

Session Title [click for full details]:
Dynamic Deployment & Scalability for the Cloud

Jérôme Bernard has over eight years experience developing distributed applications applied to a wide range of applications from banking to insurances as well as distributed applications using Jini. He is a committer on many OSS projects like Elastic Grid, Rio, Typica and JiBX. He is currently working on Elastic Grid, an OSS project which focuses on the productivity of developers and organizations that use Java enterprise applications, enabling them to easily deploy, manage and scale applications running on virtualized compute assets, whether that be across public or private clouds, like Amazon EC2.

From Scotland:

Alan Williamson - Founder, & Editor-in-Chief, Cloud Computing Journal

Session Title [click for full details]:
Cloud Computing Bootcamp (May 19, 2009)

Alan Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Cloud Computing Journal and is SYS-CON's "Cloud Computing Bootcamp" Instructor. Widely recognized as an early expert on Cloud Computing, he is Co-Founder of aw2.0 Ltd, a software company specializing in deploying software solutions within Cloud networks. Alan is a Sun Java Champion and creator of OpenBlueDragon (an open source Java CFML runtime engine). With many books, articles and speaking engagements under his belt, Alan likes to talk passionately about what can be done TODAY and not get caught up in the marketing hype of TOMORROW.

From Spain:

Lluis Font - CEO, NTRglobal

Session Title [click for full details]:
Green SaaS - Reducing the Carbon Footprint with Green Support Desks

Lluis Font is responsible for all aspects of the NTRglobal business. Under his leadership and because of his focus on meeting customer needs, he has doubled revenue year-over-year since 2002. More than 17,000 businesses in 60 countries subscribe to NTRglobal on-demand solutions for remote support with NTRsupport and remote administration and IT task automation with NTRadmin. Before taking the reigns at NTRglobal, Font held numerous executive positions with top consulting companies, including Price Waterhouse, He wasl also CEO of AGM, The Global Company, one of Spain's biggest Internet consulting firms, where he grew revenues from 3 million Euros to 15 million Euros in one year.

Diego Mariño - Co-Founder & CEO, Abiquo

Session Title [click for full details]:
A Marketplace for Cloud Computing Services

Diego Mariño is Co-Founder & CEO of Abiquo, which he co-founded after gaining leadership experience creating profitable projects as a serial entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in programming and in teaching programming languages at the University and lectures widely about entrepreneurship and Cloud Computing in European events and Universities. He was an external economical advisor in the GridCAT-I2cat university research team. He has Computer Sciences and Business Management studies and is finishing a MBA.

Pau Garcia-Mila - Founder, eyeOS

Session Title [click for full details]:
Open Source & Cloud Computing - Is There a Free Software Alternative?

Pau Garcia-Mila founded three start-ups in Spain and is currently at the eyeOS Project board. He founded eyeOS in 2005 at the early age of 17 and was the youngest member of the '08 Center for Entreprenurial Learning student from the Judge Business School at Cambridge University in the UK.

From England:

Owen Garrett - PM & Technologist, Zeus Technology

Session Title [click for full details]:
Load Balancing and Application Architecture in the Cloud

Owen Garrett is a product manager and technologist with Zeus Technology and, previous to this, was a member of Zeus' product development team. He studied Mathematics at Cambridge University, followed by Cambridge's Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science, the oldest computer science course in the world.

From the USA:

Uri Budnik - Director of Business Development, RightScale

Session Title [click for full details]:
Application Portability in a Multi-Cloud World

Uri Budnik is the Director of Business Development at RightScale. He is responsible for the ISV partner program. Prior to RightScale, he co-founded and managed the datacenter infrastructure for a technology company that provides automated podcasting tools to newspapers and magazines. Before that, he held a variety of roles at Qwest Communications in the internet services and data center division including subject matter expert for complex hosting. Uri Budnik won the entrepreneur of the year award from the Marshall Business School of the University of Southern California and started a company based on that award-winning business plans.

David Snead - Attorney-at-Law

Session Title [click for full details]:
The Nationless Cloud?

David Snead is an attorney who specializes in technology legal issues impacting companies who provide services to others. His views on legislation affecting small-to-medium internet businesses have been quoted in the Washington Post and San Jose Mercury News. He is a frequent speaker as well as a columnist and blogger for the WHIR.

Jim Reavis - Executive Director, Cloud Security Alliance

Session Title [click for full details]:
How To Solve Key Security Weaknesses in Cloud Computing

More Than 40 Sessions by a Rock Star Faculty
More than 40 cutting-edge Cloud and Virtualization sessions will cover the subject by an all star faculty. The conference offers a rich array of breakout sessions, general sessions, and power panel dicussions at the 2-day information packed event.

Full-Day Cloud Bootcamp
Cloud Computing Conference & Expo Europe will also present a full-day, hands-on Cloud Computing Bootcamp by Alan Williamson.

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The organizing principle for the Prague event is that through our intensive schedule of keynotes, general and breakout sessions, attending delegates will be assured of leaving with abundant resources, ideas and examples they can apply immediately to leveraging the Cloud, helping them to maximize performance, minimize cost and improve the scalability of their Enterprise IT endeavors.

By Invitation Only Sponsorship Program in Prague

Upcoming Cloud Computing Conference & Expo Europe will be exclusively sponsored by leading Cloud technology providers. Sponsorship opportunities for Prague are extended by invitation only.

More Than 60 Companies Sponsored or Exhibited at Cloud Computing Expo New York April 2009

Cloud Computing Conference & Expo West and East (past two events) were sponsored by more than 60 leading global cloud computing technology providers, including: 3Tera, Active Endpoints, AppSense, AppZero, Aria Systems, CA, Inc., Certeon,, Composite Software, Cordys, Corporate Technologies, Cycle Computing, DataDirect Technologies, EMC,, ExactTarget, FreedomOSS, IBM, Intel, Intel SOA Products Group, iTKO, J9 Technologies, Krugle, LynuxWorks,, Metron, Microsoft, mindSHIFT, Moderro Technologies, Mosso, Nastel, Netmagic Solutions, OpenSpan, ParaScale, Platform Computing, QuantumXML, Red Hat, RightScale, Sensedia, Sun Microsystems, Supermicro, Symantec, Tap In Systems, Tranxition, Tripwire, VIRTERA, VMware, Web Age Solutions, and Zeus Technology.

More Than 100 Sponsors and Exhibitors Expected in Silicon Valley

Upcoming Cloud Computing Conference & Expo 2009 West event, which will take place November 2-4, 2009, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley is estimated to have more than 100 sponsors and exhibitors.

For sponsorship and exhibit opportunities please contact Cloud Computing Expo sales department at 201 802-3021 (events at

Cloud Computing Expo New York April 2009 Sold Out With Record Participation

2nd International Cloud Computing Conference & Expo, colocated with 5th International Virtualization Conference & Expo presented the most distinguished faculty of speakers on any technology conference taking place in 2009. Speakers, general session and keynote presenters included such names as: ,Ajay Anand (Yahoo!), Alan Williamson (AW 2.0 Ltd), Anthony Arrott (Trend Micro), Bill McColl (Cloudscale), Bob Quinn (3Leaf Systems), Brian H. Prince (Microsoft), Brian Zanghi (Kadient), Bryan Wade (ExactTarget), Clod Barrera (IBM), Daniel Beveridge (VIRTERA), David Bernstein (Cisco), David Bressler (Progress Software), David Douglas (Sun Microsytems), David Linthicum (Blue Mountain Labs), Doug Tidwell (IBM), Ed Sullivan (Aria Systems), Glenn Brunette (Sun Microsystems), Jeff Bauer (, Jeremy Geelan (SYS-CON Media), Jim Rymarczyk (IBM), Joe Gregorio (Google), Joel York (Xignite), John Barr (Yieldex), John du Pre Gauntt (Media Dojo), John Laferriere (Corporate Technologies), Jon Pyke (Cordys), JP Morgenthal (J.P. Morgenthal Blog), Kenneth Oestreich (Egenera), Kevin L. Jackson (Dataline), Kristof Kloeckner (IBM), Lucian Lipinsky de Orlov (VIRTERA), Martin Ingram (AppSense), Matt Holleran (Emergence Capital), Michael Hill (IBM), Omer Trajman (Vertica), Owen Garrett (Zeus Technology), Patrick Kerpan (CohesiveFT), Pau Garcia-Mila (eyeOS), Peter Coffee, Peter Nickolov (3Tera), Phil Fritz (IBM), Prasad Rampalli (Intel), Raghavan Srinivas (Intuit), Ranjith Ramakrishnan (Cumulux), Reuven Cohen (Cloud Interoperability Forum), Rich Wolski (University of California), Ronnie Thomson (Quark), Russ Daniels (HP), Sajai Krishnan (ParaScale), Scott Wiener (Cloud9 Analytics), Simon Wardley (Canonical), Stephen Elliot (CA), Steve Milroy (OnTerra Systems), Stuart Charlton (Elastra), Thorsten von Eicken (RightScale), Tien Tzuo (Zuora), Tim Crawford (Stanford University), Vik Chaudhary (Keynote Systems), Warren Wilbee (Microsoft), Werner Vogels (, William Fellows (The 451 Group).

Cloud Computing Technology Providers and Contributors in 2009

The following companies are among the providers and contributors of Cloud Computing technology: 10Gen, 3Leaf, 3Tera, Absolute Performance, Accenture, Akamai,, Appirio, Appistry, Areti Internet, Boomi,, Canaan Partners, Cloud9 Analytics, CloudWorks, CNI Systems, CohesiveFT, CSRware, DataDirect, Dell, DNAmail, eBay, Elastra, EMC, EngineYard, Enki Consulting, Enomaly, Excelian, Flexiscale, Fortress ITX, Forum, GigaSpaces, GoGrid, Google, HP, IBM, IBRIX, Joyent, JumpBox, Layered Technologies, Level 3 Communications, Linxter, LongJump, MDV, Microsoft, Moka5 (MokaFive), Mosso, NewServers, Nirvanix, Ocarina Networks, OpSource, Panorama Software, Peer1 Networks, Pervasive Software, Platform Computing, PLX Technology, Qlayer, Rackspace, RampRate, Red Hat, RightScale, rPath,, Saugatuck Technology, ServePath, Skills Matter, Skytap, SnapLogic, SOASTA, Sun Microsystems, Symphoniq, Symphony Services, Tap In Systems, Teneros, Terremark, Transitive Corporation, Univa UD, Verizon Business, Vertica, VMware, XCalibre,, ZOHO and Zuora.

Virtualization Technology Providers and Contributors in 2009

The following companies are among the providers and contributors of Virtualization technology: 3PAR, Accellion, Acronis, Actional, Active Endpoints, ActiveGrid, activePDF, ActiveServers, ActiveState, Actuate, Adaptec, Agile Software, AGiLiENCE, Agilysys, Akorri, AlachiSoft, Alter Logic, Altor Networks, Altova, AMD, AMDAHL, Amentra, Amyuni, anacubis, Apani, APC, Appcelerator, AppSense, AppStream, Array Networks, Ascential, Astaro, Attune Systems, Autodesk, AutoVirt, Availl, Avanade, Azul Systems, Barracuda Networks, BEA Systems, B-hive, Black Duck Software, Blackbaud, Blade Network Technologies, Blue Coat, Blue Lane, BlueArc, BlueNote Networks, BluePheonix Solutions, BMC Software, Borland, Bristol Technology, Brix Networks, BroadVision, Brocade, Burton Group, Business Objects, CA, CalAmp, Cassatt, Cast Iron Systems, Catbird, Cayenne Technologies, Ceedo Technologies, Cenzic, Certeon, CiRBA, Cisco Systems, Cision, Citrix Systems, ClearApp, ClearCube Technology, CollabNet, Compass America, Composite Software, Compugen, Compuware, Configuresoft, Continuity Software, Coraid, Courion, Coyote Point Systems, Crescendo Networks, CSC, DataCore, DataSynapse, Dell, Desktone, Digipede Technologies, Double-Take Software, Ecora Software, EDS, eG Innovations, Egenera, Elastra Corporation, Electric Cloud, Embotics, EMC Corporation, Emulex, Endeavors Technology, Enigmatic Corporation, Enterprise Management Associates, Entuity, EqualLogic, Ericom Software, ESRI, EVault, eXludus Technologies, F5 Networks, FalconStor, FastScale Technology, Foedus, Force10 Networks, Fortisphere, Forum Systems, Fujitsu, GemStone Systems, Getronics, GlassHouse, Green Hills Software, Grid Dynamics, GridGain Systems, GT Software, Hitachi, HP, Hyper9, Hyperic, IBM, ICEsoft, IGEL Technology, Illumita, ILOG, IMEX Research, Information Builders, Ingres, InstallFree, Integrien, Intel, Intellium, International Computerware, iTKO LISA, JBoss, Juniper, KACE, Kidaro, LeftHand Networks, Leostream, Lifeboat Distribution, Liquid Computing Corporation, Liquid Technology, Lynux Works, Mainline, ManageIQ, Managed Methods, ManageSoft, Marathon Technologies, McAfee, Mellanox Technologies, Microsoft, Mid-Atlantic Computers, Mindbridge Software, Mindreef, MKS, MonoSphere, Motorola, MQSoftware, mySoftIT, NASTEL, Ncomputing, NEC, Neocleus, NeoPath Networks, Neoware, NetApp, Netegrity, Neterion, Netuitive, Neverfail, Nexaweb, NextAxiom, Nimbus, Nimsoft, Niyuta, NoMachine, Novell, ONStor, Opalis Software, Open Kernel Labs, OpenSpan, OPNET Technologies, Optaros, OpTier, Oracle, Pano Logic, Parallels, Parasoft, Perforce Software, PHD Technologies, Phoenix Technologies, Phurnace Software, Pillar Data Systems, PlateSpin/Novell, Progress Software, Prolifics, ProSync Technology, Provision Networks, QLogic, Quest Software, Racemi, Raritan, Raxco Software, Red Hat, Reflex Security, Resolution Enterprises, RingCube Technologies, Riverbed Technology, Rogue Wave Software, RSA Security, Sagnet Solutions, SanDisk Corporation, SAP, SAVVIS, ScaleMP, Scalent Systems, Seanodes, Secure Command, Secure Computing, Sentillion, Shavlik Technologies, ServInt Internet Services, Silpion IT Solutions, SIMtone, Skytap, Skyway Software, Software AG, Sonasoft, SourceGear, Splunk, StackSafe, SteelEye Technology, StillSecure, StoneFly, Stonesoft, Stoneware, StoreVault, StrikeIron, STT WebOS, Sun Microsystems, SunGard, Supermicro Computer, Surgient, SWsoft, Sybase, Symantec, Systar, TBD Networks, Tenfold, TheInfoPro, Thinstall, Third Brigade, TIBCO Software, Tidal Software, Tideway Systems, TOA Solutions, TRANGO Virtual Processors, Trend Micro, Tresys Technology, Trigence, Tripwire, Ulteo, Unisys, United Devices, VaST Systems, VDIworks, VeeAm Software, Verari Systems, Verio, VeriSign, Vicom Computer Services, VirtenSys, Virtera, Virtual Iron, VirtualLogix, Virtugo Software, Virtutech, VisionCore, Vizioncore, VKernel, VMLogix, vmSight, VMware, Vordel, vThere-Sentillion, Vyatta, WaveMaker, Web Age Solutions, WSO2, Wyse Technology, XDS, XenoCode, Xiotech, xkoto, Xsigo Systems, Zenith Optemedia, Zeus Technology.

SOA Technology Providers and Contributors in 2009

The following companies are among the providers and contributors of SOA technology: 3PAR, Accenture, AccessFlow, Active Endpoints, Active PDF, ActiveState, ADP, Agile Path, Agilent, Akamai, Altova, Amber Point, AMD, Antenna, Apatar, APC, Appcelerator, Appistry, AppSense, AppStream/ Symantec, Apptricity, Astaro, Asychrony, Attune Systems, Autodesk, Avorcor, Aztec Software, Azul Systems, BEA, B-hive, Black Duck Software, Blue Coat, Blue Note Networks, BMC, Borland, Business Objects, CA, Cacheon, CapClear, Cast Iron Systems, Ceedo, Certeon, Cherry Road Technologies, Cigna, Cisco, Cision, ClearApp, Cognos, Component Source, ComponentOne, Composite Software, Compuware, Coral8, Covalent, Cretaceous Software, Critical Watch, Crosscheck Networks, Curl, DataDirect, DataSynapse, Day Software, eBay, Elementool, Elixir Technology, Embarcadero, EMC, Endeavors Technologies, Ensim Corporation, Entegrity, Enterprise DB, Epicor, ESRI, Evident Software, eviware, F5 Networks, Farata Systems, Fiorano, Forum Systems, Freedom OSS, Fujitsu, GemStone Systems, GigaSpaces, Green Hills Software, Grid Dynamics, GT Software, GXS, HCL Technologies, Herzum Software, HP, IBM, Illustro, ILOG, Informatica, Infragistics, Infusion Developers, Initiate Systems, InstallFree, Intel, Intelesis, Intellium, InterSystems, Intrepid Solutions, Intuwave, IONA, IT Toolbox, Itellix, iTKO, JackBe, Jive Software, JNet Direct, Juniper Systems, JustSystems, Kaazing, Kapow Technologies, Kidaro, Krugle, Laszlo Systems, Layer 7 Technologies, Levanta, Lingo Systems, Lombardi Software, Magic Software, Managed Methods, McAfee, Megapath, Mellanox Technologies, MG Software, Microsoft, Mindbridge, Mindreef, MindTouch, MiracleSoft, MKS, MomentumSI, MQ Software, Mule Source, NASTEL, Nexaweb, NextAxiom, Nextel, Nokia, Nortel Networks, OASIS, Object Builders, ObjectFocus, Odyssey Software, Opalis, Openmake Software, OpenSpan, OpTier, Optio Software, Oracle, Parallels, Parasoft, Pervasive Software, PlateSpin/ Novell, Progress Software, Prolifics, Protecode, Quest Software, Questra, Raxco Software, Recursion Software, Red Hat, Reflex Security, Research & Markets, RadiantLogic, Ring Cube Technologies, Riptide Software, Rogue Wave Software, rPath, RSA Security, SAIC,, SAP, Satyam, Scalent Systems, Seagull Software, Securent, Sherpa Software, Sierra Systems, Skytap, Skyway Software, SOA Software, Software AG, Sonic Software, SourceGear, Spike Source, Splunk, SpringSource, Starcom Worldwide, Stoneware, Stonewater Systems, Strike Iron, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tenfold, Thinstall, TIBCO, Tidal Software, Tideway Systems, Trivera Technologies, TwoConnect, Vastera, Verari Systems, Verio, Vertigo, Vignette, Virtual Iron, Visual Mining, Vitria, VMware, Vocus, Vordel, Web Age Solutions, webmethods, Whizlabs Software, Wipro, WSO2, XAware, Xsigo Systems, ZapThink and Zimbra.

AJAX & RIA Technology Providers and Contributors in 2009

The following companies are among the providers and contributors of AJAX & RIA technology: 1&1 Internet AG, 3Tera, 4D, Accenture, ACCESS Systems America, AccuRev, Active Endpoints, Active Inquiry, ActiveState, Actuate, Adaptive Blue, Adaptive Path, Adobe, Agitar Software, Ajax13, Akamai Technologies, Alfresco, Allurent, Altova,, AppApliance, Appcelerator, Appeon, Apple, Applibase, Apress, Aptana, Ask Pivot, ASPAlliance, Asperon, Astreya, Altassian Software Systems, Avenue A/ Razorfish, Aztecsoft, Azul Systems, BackBase, Barracuda Networks, Baynote, BEA Systems, Black Duck Software, Blogtronix, BlueFolder, BlueTie, Borland, Bottomline, Bungee Labs, CambrianHouse, Canoo Engineering AG, Cassatt, Cast Iron Systems, Catalyst Resources, Cenzic, CG Principals, Cherry Road Technologies, Chordiant Software, CIGNEX Technologies, Cisco Systems, Cision, Citrix Systems, Claria Corporation, Clearspring, CMS Watch, Codign, Coghead, Cognizant Technology Solutions, ComponentArt, ComponentOne, ConceptSolutions, Conduit Connect, Conference Guru, Coradiant, CoreSpeed, Corizon, Crescendo Networks, Crosscheck Networks, CSS Group, cStar Technologies, CSW Group, Curl, Cynergy Systems, Dassault Systems, DataDirect, Day Software, dCongo, deCarta, Dragonfly Software Solutions, DreamFace Interactive, Dynamic Toolbar DTX, DynaTrace, E*Trade, Edream Solutions, EDS, EffectiveUI, Egnyte, Elastic Path Software, Elementool, eLink Business Innovations, EMC, Encanvas, ESRI, ESRIA, Etelos Systems, etouch, Evans Data Corporation, Ex Machina, Exadel, eXo Platform SAS, exorbyte, Experian, F5 Networks, FAST, Feedback FX, Fig Leaf Software, Fiorano Software, FiveRuns Corporation, Foedus, Foldera, Force10 Networks, Fortify Software, Forum Systems, Fotango, Freewebs, froglogic, Funambol, FundingPost, Fusion Technologies, GemStone Systems, Genuitec, Gizmox, Glassbox, Global Computer Enterprises, GoGrid, Gomez, Google, GreenHat Software, GreenPoint, GroupLink, Groupware Technology, HCL Technologies, Helmi Technologies, Hitachi, HP, Hurox, Hydus, Ibiza Software, IBM, ICEsoft, IDV, idyna TECH, IEEE, ILOG, Impetus, iNetOffice, Infinlogic, Infragistics, Ingres, Inimit Technologies, Innominds Software, Innoopract, Instantiations, Intel, IntelliObjects, Intellium, Interactive Networks, InterSystems, Intuit, IONA, IP Unity, Isomorphic Software, IT Mill, ITtoolbox, Izenda, JackBe, JadeLiquid Software, Jaduka, JasperSoft, Javeline, JBoss, JetBrains, Jive Software, Joomla!, Kaazing, Kapow Technologies, Kasamba, KCSA Worldwide, Keane, Keynote Systems, KNOVE Software, Krugle, Laszlo Systems, Lawson Software, layeredtech, LeapTag, Levanta, Liferay, Lightstreamer, Liobridge, Lombardi Software, Lookout Software, M/Gateway, Mainsoft, Mapsolute, Marathon Technologies, MaxiScale, MB Technologies, Mercury Computer Systems, Metia Software, Microsoft, Midnight Coders, Mindquarry, Mindshare, MindTouch, Molecular, MomentumSI, Murano Software, NDMC, Neocleus, Neotys, Netfective Technology, Netmite, Newput Corporation, Nexaweb, Nextapp, NextAxiom, Nirvanix, Nitobi, Nokia, Northwoods Software, Novell, Novulo, NSIcom, OASIS, ObjectWave, OHM Systems, One Team Technologies, OpenLink Software, OpenLogic, OpenSpot, Openwave Systems, OPNET Technologies, OpSource, Oracle, Originate Labs, OSAF, Parasoft, Passport Corporation, Pathfinder Technologies, Pentaho, Perforce Software, Pervasive Software, Pixsy Corporation, Plaxo, Polaris, Prequent, Primavera Systems, PushToTest, QLogic, Quasar Technologies, Quasidea Development, Quest Software, Racepoint Group, Rackable Systems, Radialpoint, RadView Software, Raining Data Corporation, Real Networks, Reareden Commerence, Recursion Software, Red Hat, Roaring Penguin Software, Roundarch,, Sandvine, SAP, Saven Technologies, Scalix, Semotus Solutions, Serebrum Software, Servoy, SharpStyle Labs, SkyCom Corporation, SkyFire, Skyway Software, SnapLogic, SOA Software, Sofia Technology, Software AG, Software FX, Software Research, SolovatSoft, Sonic Software, Sonoa Systems, SoonR, Sourcio, SpanStrategies, Splunk, SST, Stampede Technologies, Starcom Worldwide, StartForce, Strangeloop, StreamFoundry, Sugar CRM, Summit Software, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, Tavant Technologies, Telcontar, Tele Atlas, telepark, telerik, Tellme Networks, Tersus Software, ThinkFree, Thinwire, TIBCO, TMP Worldwide, TopQuadrant, TansFirst, Trivera Technologies, UI Foundry, Userplane, Valtech, Value Labs, Venyo, Vertex Logic, Vignette, Virtua, Virtusa, Visible Measures, Visual Mining, VMware, Voxeo, WatchFire, Wavemaker, Web Spiders, WebEx, Webtide, Whizlabs Software, Wily, WorcsNet, Wrike, Wrox, WSO2, Xenos, Xignite, Xucia, Xythos Software, Yahoo, Zapatec, ZCubes, Zimbra, ZOHO and Zoovy.

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