Tuesday, May 12, 2009

ERP-Consulting.com Recommends the ASUG Bridge Program

"As part of our commitment to networking with and providing the latest information from the industry's top organizations, professionals and industry groups, ERP-Consulting is excited to spotlight the ASUG Bridge Program from the Americas' SAP Users' Group -" said General Manager, ERP-Consulting.com Paul Cielinski, in a telecast update with the company's investors and partners.

ASUG (Americas' SAP Users' Group) is the world's largest customer-run community of SAP professionals. ASUG members are actively engaged in helping each other find new and better ways to solve problems and achieve business goals. ASUG not only allows their members to connect on a local basis with over 40 local chapters across the United States and Canada, but offers 83 ASUG Special Interest Groups (SIG) aligned with SAP business processes, industries and technologies.

As part of ASUG's commitment to bring continuity to its members at a time when engaging within the SAP community remains a priority, ASUG announced the ASUG Bridge program in April. ASUG Bridge extends membership benefits to individuals who become unemployed; continuing their access and engagement with ASUG Chapter and SIG communities with active discussion forums and collaboration tools on the ASUG Web site. ASUG Bridge is offered in 2009 to member organizations which are in good standing and provides a unique opportunity for individuals who have come to rely on the value of year round customer-driven education and networking programs and remain engaged in the SAP ecosystem of customers, SAP experts and partners.

This is a temporary membership for the remainder of 2009; however, ASUG reserves the right to discontinue the membership at any time. This is a special offer of membership for individuals. To qualify for this membership, the individual must be a) the former employee of an ASUG member company in good standing and b) someone who previously had a login identity to participate in the ASUG Community within the past year. To apply for this temporary continuation of membership, please contact ASUG Bridge Membership.

ASUG Bridge also extends discounted conference fees to members, allowing individuals to take advantage of the 2009 ASUG Annual Conference being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, May 11-14, 2009. Online registration closes this Friday, for more information visit: http://www.asugannualconference.com.

About ASUG

The Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG(R)) is an independent, volunteer-run organization that facilitates connections among members of the SAP ecosystem. As the most valued voice for SAP customer influence, ASUG maintains its unique position by connecting SAP experts who share their knowledge back with the community--creating an ongoing cycle of shared experience that enables strong business results and real competitive advantage for the entire SAP ecosystem.

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