Friday, May 29, 2009

Convergys Presents at National Association of Outsources Seminar

At the National Association of Outsourcers Seminar in London, Convergys, a provider of relationship management solutions, presented on how the service experience has become as important as the product being sold, and more important than brand or price.

Speaking on the "Customer Experience in a Relationship Economy," Convergys' Frank Sherlock discussed the rising importance of the service experience, the role channel preferences have in delivering service experience, and why many companies are failing to deliver a service experience for each customer. He also discussed five solutions that would help companies address their customer service challenges, including hosted on-demand solutions.

Sherlock is a senior VP and managing director at Convergys, where he is responsible for aligning resources to drive growth of the company's customer management business.

According to Sherlock, a proprietary research study by Convergys on the customer experience scorecard reveals that the quality of the customer service experience provided by a company now ties the quality of the product that the company sells as the top competitive differentiators, both at 27 percent. The price of the product was rated by consumers at 24 percent, with brand name and corporate reputation trailing considerably, at 9 percent each.

Convergys' presentation online:

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