Thursday, May 14, 2009

Consultant Transforms Organizational Chaos into Profit

With almost 70% of change initiatives within organizations failing and average employee turnover rates of more than 20%, businesses are constantly challenged with keeping their organization aligned. This means ensuring that its people, its structure and its technology support the company's operations. An organization that is not aligned typically has poor return on investments for technology, high duplication of work efforts and too much time spent on non-value added activities, all resulting in decreased profits. So how do you keep your organization aligned when employees are leaving and change initiatives are failing?

Andrew Miller has developed an approach that organizations can use to transform quickly and smoothly to achieve profitable benefits. He says the key to that approach is that the benefits that can be achieved will coincide with the level of commitment made by the organization to transform. The higher the commitment level, the more benefits will be achieved by the organization.

Miller recently completed a position paper entitled From Chaos to Profit™: How to effectively transform your organization, which discusses how organizations can effectively transform by aligning their processes, people and technology. A copy of the paper can be downloaded at

Successful transformation and organizational alignment is something that Miller has been offering his clients for more than a decade, and his paper offers the key elements of this valuable advice to any business. "Writing this paper allowed me to clearly state the value that organizations can achieve by aligning their processes, people and technology. The most challenging aspect of that alignment is for organizations to commit to the transformation and make the connection between that transformation and profitability. I can help organizations make that connection quickly and start realizing those benefits," stated Miller.

Miller is President of ACM Consulting Inc., a company that helps high performance organizations transform by aligning processes, people and technology. He has worked with clients in various industries including Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Consumer Packaged Goods and Distribution. He has held senior consulting positions with IBM Global Business Services and PriceWaterhouseCoopers Consulting and holds an International MBA with majors in Marketing and Logistics.

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