Friday, May 22, 2009

BrandPartners Forms Strategic Alliance With Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists

BrandPartners Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BPTR), a leader in delivering retail environment solutions to the financial services industry, announced that it has formed a strategic alliance with Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists, a firm that specializes in identifying and implementing strategic growth opportunities for clients across a broad range of industries.

“With the Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists’ expertise in identifying opportunities for value creation and laying out specific pathways for growth, and BrandPartners’ experience translating these strategies into a compelling retail customer experience, this alliance creates a seamless end-to-end offering for companies having a growth imperative,” said David Vazdauskas, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, BrandPartners. While BrandPartners focuses its environmental design solutions on the financial services industry and the Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists serves a broader array of vertical industries, the alliance will initially focus on the tremendous growth opportunities it sees for institutions of all sizes in the financial sector.

BrandPartners has twenty-five years of experience designing retail environments and retail communications programs for more than 2,000 clients at 30,000 retail locations worldwide. Prior to founding Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists the principals have had extensive experience with Macy’s, Citi, Pizza Hut, Pepsico, JWT and Madison Square Garden. “Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists can bring fresh insights to the task of helping financial organizations unlock new sources of growth,” said Bob Raleigh, CEO, Rockefeller Group/Insight Capitalists. “BrandPartners has a keen ability to translate visionary strategies into a compelling customer experience, one that drives revenues and loyalty,” he added.

Through this exclusive partnership, the two companies will create integrated engagement teams that deliver a complete strategy-to-translation solution to clients . “With this alliance, clients do not have to choose and separately manage a traditional management consultancy, an advertising agency, and a branding and design firm,” said Bob Raleigh. “Our one integrated team approach provides one point of contact for the client, and it ensures that the strategy anticipates the execution, and vice versa,” he added.

The alliance will also integrate and leverage rigorous analytic tools proprietary to the two firms. The Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists’ eDNA framework works to identify the opportunities that exist to drive value creation and helps align every business function within an organization with the needs of the customer. The BrandPartners’ Retail Health Index analyzes each building block of the customer experience, and identifies opportunities to more closely align these elements to specific growth opportunities. “Like all other retailers, financial institutions grow by either attracting new customers or increasing share of wallet from current customers – or ideally, both,” said James Brooks, President and CEO, BrandPartners. “This alliance is laser focused on helping financial institutions grow deposits, and setting clear pathways to that growth,” he added.

About BrandPartners Group

BrandPartners Group, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: BPTR), through its wholly owned subsidiary BrandPartners Retail, Inc. provides an integrated approach to customer environments through brand translation, business strategy, design/build services, retail displays and in-branch communications products and services, from concept and design through implementation and training. BrandPartners installations are in more than 2,000 companies at more than 30,000 retail locations. The company serves its clients from its Rochester, New Hampshire home office and regional U.S. offices.

About Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists

Rockefeller Consulting Group/Insight Capitalists is a firm that was created in partnership with Mark Rockefeller to help organizations drive revenue growth. Built upon a commitment to values, integrity, innovation and discipline, the company introduces a unique model that fills the white space between traditional management consulting and branding agencies. Rockefeller Consulting Group is an enterprise founded by Mark Rockefeller that extends the Rockefeller legacy of visionary business acumen and combines proven business practices with leading-edge technologies to accelerate growth and create sustainable value for its clients.

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