Monday, March 30, 2009

Roseland Property Company Launches New Consulting Division to Offer Clients Asset Recovery Services

Roseland Property Company of Short Hills, NJ has launched a new consulting division to offer asset recovery services to financial institutions and other lender/owners.

The privately-owned, full-service company will focus its consulting work on situations where the firm's skills in large-scale land development, construction completion and residential management will bring the most benefit to clients exposed to the current variables affecting development land, partially and substantially completed buildings and property values, according to Principal Bradford R. Klatt.

"Roseland's outstanding track record, proven experience and passion for excellence have established the company as one of the country's leading real estate development firms," notes Mr. Klatt. "This is the aspect of the real estate industry that we began in the early 1990s and our achievements are rooted in our collection of cross-disciplinary, in-house resources and special outside relationships among prominent financial institutions, development partners, private investors and municipal and state agencies, allowing us to address challenges and opportunities during all cycles and in all elements of the real estate development process."

Roseland's consulting services offer a "hands on" turn-key property and asset management operation where the company has intimate familiarity with the assessment of approvals and the potential value of a project. Roseland will direct planning, entitlements, and regulatory compliance of these projects to regain value and eventually "recycle" them back into the market. Furthermore, the company will take responsibility to assess and complete construction of partially built projects, manage the marketing, leasing and on-going property management and prepare and sell assets to create incremental value and a pathway to liquidity.

"No other advisory firm can offer the breadth, quality and integrity of such expertise," declares Roseland Principal Carl J. Goldberg.

Roseland's unique skill set is best exemplified through its large-scale, multiphase high-density urban and suburban sites, Mr. Goldberg points out. These include the 200-acre, mixed-use Port Imperial community along the Hudson River waterfront in New Jersey; the 471-unit, two-tower Battery Park City project in Lower Manhattan and the 93-acre, master-planned Overlook Ridge community in Malden and Revere, Mass.

"Combined with Roseland's community building skills, master planning, environmental remediation expertise and accessibility to public and private sources of capital," Mr. Klatt notes, "our asset recovery services will help clients stabilize their investments and recover as much capital as possible on these."

About Roseland Property Company

Founded in 1992, Roseland Property Company is a leading developer of high-end multifamily, luxury residential communities and large mixed-use, multiphase land developments. The company and its principals have developed more than 40,000 residential units. For more information, call 973-21... or visit

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