Monday, March 30, 2009

Rogue CFO Consulting Moves Towards Servicing Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Rogue CFO & Startup Consultant Chris Benjamin has shifted from servicing seed & startup stage companies to small to medium sized companies. “I’ve found that my expertise and services are far more useful and valuable to companies with a revenue model in place, companies who need help with managing growth. While I am passionate about the startup community as a whole, in order to truly help companies launch successfully, I will focus on those companies who are at a stage of needing a part time CFO ongoing.”

With 12 years experience of which 8 years was with public companies, Startup CFO Chris Benjamin has relevant experience with firms of all sizes and in several industries. Chris has been interviewed by several radio hosts on topics related to the world of entrepreneurism, and has also written several articles on topics related to starting a company, such as how to successfully create a financial forecast, top 10 mistakes when dealing with venture capitalists, and the path to a successful startup.

Chris went on to say “Fundamentally I am not changing my business model, more so I’m changing the profile of a typical client. Seed and early stage companies for the most part are 6 months out from needing a CFO caliber executive on the team, whereas companies who are generating revenue, have raised capital, and are experiencing phenomenal growth absolutely could use a seasoned professional. My passion is using my skills and experience to take these growing companies to new heights.”

Chris Benjamin specializes in working with entrepreneurs who have exciting and new business models. With 12 years of experience as a CFO, a MBA degree from the University of WA in Entrepreneurship and a passion for the business community, Chris Benjamin has helped over 100 companies. Investor-ready business plans, financial forecasts, executive summaries, presentations are specialties, along with ongoing CFO consulting to help new firms locate venture capital.

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