Wednesday, March 25, 2009

IMPAQ and TEAL Combine to Bring Lean Six Sigma Consulting to a Broader UK Audience

Two specialist UK organisations - IMPAQ UK and TEAL Consulting - have combined to create a new venture focused on delivering Lean Six Sigma-based programmes to the growing number of UK organisations that are struggling to manage businesses with significant fixed costs and declining incomes. IMPAQ TEAL Consulting LTD will integrate TEAL Consulting’s highly regarded Lean Consulting skills with IMPAQ’s proven Six Sigma expertise and data-driven decisioning technologies and will focus on working with the service sector where Lean Six Sigma methods can play a key role in reducing non value added processes, improving quality and increasing service throughput.

IMPAQ TEAL Consulting will work with both private and public sector organisations to develop Lean Six Sigma programmes that support more effective service delivery through more streamlined end-to-end business processes. Lean Six Sigma brings powerful methods for quickly combating recessionary pressures, and its application in the service sector and office environment unlocks significant opportunities to reduce costs, remove waste and improve the overall customer experience.

“The growing consensus is that Lean Six Sigma is increasingly the approach of choice for organisations that need to reduce their cost base when they have declining incomes,” commented Matt Studholme, IMPAQ UK Ltd’s Managing Director. “We’ve formed IMPAQ TEAL Consulting to help address this opportunity.

“Given current economic conditions, it’s clear that there’s a real demand from organisations that need to protect their bottom line,” he continued. “The good news is that, by using lean consulting and Lean Six Sigma techniques to clearly identify those processes that actually add business value, we can then work with customers to eliminate non value-added activity and unlock significant productivity gains. Where IMPAQ TEAL can make a difference is in the provision of an end-to-end Value Stream Analysis approach, as we offer both the consultancy skills as well as the Workflow and Business Intelligence skills necessary to embed Lean Six Sigma as an ongoing approach for our customers," continued Matt Studholme.

“Properly developed and implemented, Lean Six Sigma can radically transform the economics of service delivery in today’s challenging climate,” added Eirian Lewis, TEAL Consulting’s Managing Director. “By supporting our Lean consultants with IMPAQ’s data-driven decisioning technology skills, we can deliver a holistic approach to Lean Six Sigma, addressing both operational constraints and inefficiencies. This whole systems approach will help organisations to improve their quality and service responsiveness going forward.”

IMPAQ TEAL Consulting offers an approach to Lean Six Sigma implementation, ranging from initial diagnosis and assessments to more comprehensive programmes that leverage a distinctive ValueStreamMap methodology. This enables optimised solutions to minimise waste and reduce non value-added activities. IMPAQ TEAL Consulting also works with its customers to define measurements for further optimisation, and then deploys the relevant Workflow and Business Intelligence applications in order to enable changed processes. Customised dashboards and regular coaching support are deployed to support projects and embed a culture of ongoing improvement.

About IMPAQ TEAL Consulting

IMPAQ TEAL Consulting Limited brings the benefits of Lean Six Sigma programmes to a broader range of organisations, with a particular focus on helping service sector organisations to reduce their cost base by removing non-value activities from their operations. IMPAQ TEAL Consulting combines IMPAQ’s proven Six Sigma process improvement and data-driven decisioning technology with TEAL Consulting’s Lean Management expertise, and is committed to helping organisations apply Lean Six Sigma thinking in an effective and sustainable manner. Visit for more details.

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