Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Genesis M.O. Supports the Gunnison Consulting Group to Provide Expert Technical Oversight for the U.S. Census Bureau

Selected as a sub-contractor by the Gunnison Consulting Group, Genesis M.O. now provides senior-level advisory assistance for the U.S. Census Bureau. The company conducts expert technical-oversight for the multi-billion dollar 2010 Census. It is involved in various facets of the project's implementation, working jointly with the extended Gunnison team, the U.S. Census Bureau and application developers that include IBM and Lockheed Martin.

"Genesis M.O. is a valuable partner in providing IT services to our client, the U.S. Census Bureau," said Christine Krahulec, Vice President of Gunnison Consulting Group. "Our group's focus is to provide quality expert services and value-add to our government clients. When selecting partners, we look to those who share our values. Genesis M.O. definitely does - they provide the required senior expertise, are dedicated to delivering top-quality IT services and they firmly value teamwork."

Genesis M.O. currently participates in the monitoring of the overall implementation of the Decennial Response Integration System (DRIS) Workflow, Control & Management (WCM) solution. The company provides expertise to the Project Management Office's Integrated Project Team (IPT) for independent validation and verification activities. The services provided focus on ensuring that the testing of the WCM components strictly meets the Census Bureau's requirements and standards. Additional areas of support include the review and evaluation of the performance standards for the telephony solution, the schedule development for the review of test scenarios of the WCM solution, the monitoring of integration tests and the identification of potential risks and issues.

"We are thrilled to have the opportunity to assist the Gunnison Consulting Group in their work with the U.S. Census Bureau," said Karim Morsli, Principal at Genesis M.O. "This project provides the challenges, complexity and opportunities for us to put our skills to use. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with Gunnison and to supporting government agencies to reap the most out of their technology investments."

Genesis M.O. was selected by Gunnison Consulting Group for the specialized skills and knowledge it brings to the project. The company provides expert IT and marketing services with a strong emphasis on strategic thinking, methodologies, best practices and clear communication. The company's marketing communications services are a recent addition to its portfolio. The combination of technical and communication services helps organizations build effective and efficient solutions.

About Genesis M.O.

Genesis M.O. provides government and industry clients with specialized IT and Communications services. The company offers high-end technical expertise along with marketing communication and branding services. Our M.O. is to creatively apply strategic thinking, methodologies, project management and industry best-practices to ensure top-notch service delivery. Genesis M.O. is woman-owned, small business. For more information, visit

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