Tuesday, March 17, 2009

EvolveStyle.com Globalizes Style and Image Consulting With Just a Mere Click

Ghanaian-American attorney and image consultant Nana Danquaah has incited an online fashion evolution. After working in corporate America, she had an epiphany: image is everything -- yet often overlooked. The reality is: we all strive to look and act our best, but may not be equipped with the tools to do so. The launch of EvolveStyle.com answers the demand for a styled image.

Image and style cannot be limited to the concept of clothing. Style is rather the convergence of fashion, diction, etiquette and poise. It's that je ne sais quoi -- the balance of elements resulting in an intangible yet alluring presence.

Recognizing that many cannot attain that delicate balance of style on their own accord and others are misguided by mass advice offered in television or fashion publications, EvolveStyle.com translates what the fashion, media and corporate worlds dictate about style and tailors the images for real-world clients.

This forum features the best of the "Global Chic" movement, reporting the trends of international style. Beyond its political commentary on decorum and what's hot in the streets, runways or markets across continents, EvolveStyle.com presents virtual consulting options including videoconferencing and EvolveOnline -- an interactive image portal where individuals submit pictures for personalized style advice.

In this exceedingly visual and global community, drastic measures including cosmetic surgery are being taken to covet and perfect style. Yet, an extreme makeover is not necessary to realize one's best self; often it's as simple as wearing the right color, enhancing posture or mastering speaking techniques. EvolveStyle.com is an online synthesis of the Fashion Police, What Not to Wear and How to Look Good Naked while reporting the latest and greatest crazes in global beauty, emerging designers and the sociopolitical trends that shape style.

This website proves that styling and image consulting is no longer exclusive to the elite, the wealthy or celebrities. Through EvolveStyle.com, now professionals, artists, fashionistas -- virtually any individual worldwide -- can transform with the luxury of an image makeover by exposure to the subtle signals of successful style.

In this economic climate, style and image are more important than ever. One's image is one's livelihood. To be smart is simply not enough in this competitive market. It's absolutely essential to think outside the box and re-brand one's style.

Nana Danquaah insists that "Style is not about wearing designer clothes, mimicking what celebrities wear or adhering to unrealistic trends -- it's about evolving to understand what looks good and what works for you, how to speak and present yourself to captivate any audience whether a Wall Street firm or the red carpet. Some look the part but do not act the part. EvolveStyle.com is a comprehensive guide for image, with an in-depth analysis on the science of style, elevating the manner in which you dress, speak, relate, and impress."

For more information, take a visual voyage: visit EvolveStyle.com.

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