Friday, March 27, 2009

DecisionSoft Signs Five Year Agreement with HMRC to Streamline E-Filing Business Rules

he UK tax authority, HM Revenue & Customs (“HMRC”), has signed a long term services contract with DecisionSoft, a leading XML tools and services vendor based in Oxford, to deliver a centralised and streamlined mechanism to define the way that taxpayer software interacts with HMRC’s e-filing systems.

The Rules and Interface Management Service (“RIM”), which is delivered through HMRC's Aspire IT outsourcing partnership with Capgemini, helps business experts working inside HMRC define what information needs to be collected from taxpayers and the validation rules that are used to determine that the data has been submitted correctly.

In addition to standardised interface specifications, the service generates computer-readable validation rules for each filing service. The rules are plugged directly into HMRC’s processing architecture, and can be used by third party software developers within their own software.

“RIM makes it much easier to work with HMRC to develop high quality filing software,” said Kathryne Jobling, Operations Director at Pegasus Software. “We can rely on the consistent presentation of business rules and validation code.”

The service will provide common interface definitions for all HMRC's e-filing systems, allowing HMRC to re-use data and validation requirements across the organisation, enforcing consistency between its different online services. “RIM allows HMRC to take a 'joined-up' approach across its entire estate,” said Philip Allen, Chairman and Founder of DecisionSoft. “It cuts the risk of adding new services, for both HMRC and for third party software vendors.”

About HMRC

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) was formed on the 18 April 2005, following the merger of Inland Revenue and HM Customs & Excise. HMRC is responsible for the collection and administration of direct and indirect taxes in the United Kingdom, and for the payment of child benefit, and tax credits.

About Aspire

Aspire is HMRC’s contract with Capgemini for the provision of IT and related services. Capgemini delivers the services through a consortium of major IT providers. The 13 year contract runs to June 2017.

About DecisionSoft Limited

DecisionSoft Limited is a leading XML tools and services provider, specialising in the design, publication and validation of XML and XBRL documents and interfaces. Founded in 1997, DecisionSoft provides core modelling and validation technology used by government departments and other large organisations around the world.

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