Monday, March 16, 2009

Brighton Consulting Selected to Offer Financial Institutions a Complete Online Security Marketing Communications Package from TrustDefender

TrustDefender, a leading provider of revolutionary online transaction security solutions, announced today that it has signed a communications agreement with Brighton Consulting to develop a marketing communications package that is simple and easy to implement for financial industry organisations.

This marketing communications package enables financial institutions to manage their TrustDefender roll-out in a professional and easy way, by providing all materials needed for the complete rollout - from newsletters announcing the TrustDefender solution and "coming soon" notifications through to the rollout and beyond. Extra care has been given to the wording to make sure that the technical solution can easily be understood by the general public.

"We understand that some of the financial institutions have modest marketing and communications capabilities and with a growing level of online crimeware targeting customers of financial institutions right around the world, we wanted to make the communications for online security as simple and easy to rollout as possible. We will provide an integrated, off the shelf marketing communications package that will enable our customers to access all the materials they need to promote safe and secure internet behaviour including the rollout of our revolutionary online transaction security solutions," said Ted Egan, CEO of TrustDefender.

"We selected Brighton Consulting as they have a growing footprint among Australian Mutuals. Many of these financial institutions rely on companies like Brighton Consulting to deliver high-quality marketing and communications that enable efficient and concise communications with their member customers. The communications package will be co-branded and includes informational web pages, an online demonstration, posters and flyers and even hosting," commented Ted Egan, CEO of TrustDefender.

The online security communications marketing package is available to all TrustDefender customers to assist with their implementation of TrustDefender's revolutionary online transactional security technology, ensuring the highest consumer takeup, usage and subsequent protection from financial and transactional cyber crime.

About Brighton Consulting

Brighton Consulting is an innovative and growing marketing and ebusiness consultancy that specialises in financial services organisations. It works with clients on strategy formulation, marketing support, online channel development and website design & development. Operational for 7 years, Brighton has a wide client network of over 60 credit unions and other organisations.

About TrustDefender

TrustDefender is a worldwide leading provider of 'online transaction security solutions' to safeguard consumer, financial institution and business online transactions. TrustDefender revolutionary technologies enable users to guarantee the authenticity of a website and secure the computer from malicious software when using their kernel forensics technology, device finger printing, safe & secure mode, secure lockdown, two factor authentication and the TrustedSurfing database to provide a complete and holistic security solution. The secure policy engine allows online businesses to provide real-time security health feedback and enforce the compliance of a home user's PC to their security policies. TrustDefender is the world's first security solution which enables online businesses to integrate the home user's PC into one overall security chain.

TrustDefender was founded in December 2005 and is based in Sydney, Australia.

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