Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Book on IT Helps Companies Survive the Downturn -- Operational Excellence Drives Efficiency, Effectiveness and Controls Costs

The founder of IT consulting firm, JCHamilton Consulting, has published a new book entitled, Unlocking the Power of Information Technology, which focuses on “doing the right things”, and “doing things right”, as far as IT services are concerned. The book describes how to become operationally excellent in managing IT services and shows how companies committed to this discipline are much better prepared to survive the current economic downturn.

Lots of companies are reeling from the onslaught of devastating economic developments during this recessionary period and unfortunately many of these problems are beyond their ability to influence or control. However, the impact of these negative forces can be mitigated by ensuring quality management of the things the company can control. This includes all of the internal processes, procedures and services required to run the business. Much of this internal work is enabled by IT services – the computer systems, applications and telecommunications services that permeate all facets of a company’s business activities and transactions.

Companies that employ operationally excellent IT services have a distinct advantage over their competitors, even when market demand is down and credit is tight. The downturn for these companies will be shorter and less severe, and they will be well positioned to move forward quickly when the recovery begins.

“Applying the discipline of operational excellence across all aspects of a company’s business activities is the key to survival, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of internal IT services,” said James Hamilton, author of Unlocking the Power of Information Technology. Operationally excellent companies generally spend less on IT, get more value from their investments and benefit from a much more stable and robust operating environment. They avoid the debilitating scenarios where - a server crashes with no viable back-up, a virus shuts down the network, security breaches compromise corporate databases, or projects fail due to poor definition or execution. Employing a disciplined IT management process can have a dramatic effect on the bottom line and it also projects a quality, professional image of the company externally.

Unlocking the Power of Information Technology provides pragmatic guidance on business alignment, strategic planning, governance, IT architecture, security services, managing IT systems as services, organization design, and vendor management. It documents compelling insights distilled from years of experience providing IT services for one of the largest and most successful global corporations. This approach has been proven to be a winning strategy throughout the highs and lows of business cycles and is an even more important discipline for companies weathering the storms of a severe recession.

This 208 page book sells for $19.95 (USD), and has an ISBN-13 code of 9781441400420. To learn more about the book or to purchase a copy, please visit www.createspace.com/3363849.

JCHamilton Consulting provides Information Technology services based on a proven commitment to the discipline of Operational Excellence, as described in this new book.

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