Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hydro Tasmania Consulting Saves Time and Money With AVIcode's Real-Time Application Performance Monitoring

AVIcode, Inc., a leading provider of real-time, always-on application performance monitoring solutions, today announced Hydro Tasmania Consulting, Australia's leading renewable energy business consultancy, purchased and implemented AVIcode's Intercept Studio from AVIcode's partner Express Software Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd.

Express Software is a leading provider of enterprise management solutions in the Australasian market. Hydro Tasmania Consulting uses Intercept Studio to monitor its production application, the Ajenti Database Management System, a remote telemetry system used to monitor everything from soil quality to water usage.

The Ajenti Telemetry System collects and transmits individual water meter data to a central management database. This information is made available through a website and Web services to Hydro Tasmania Consulting customers. Prior to the deployment of Intercept Studio, whenever Hydro Tasmania Consulting was faced with Web application problems, it was challenged to accurately and quickly pinpoint the precise root cause. For example, when suspecting issues with a third party COM+ library, it was forced to manually track occurrences of the problem and manually analyze disparate data to affect repair, requiring significant resources and time.

After comprehensive research, Hydro Tasmania Consulting purchased AVIcode's Intercept Studio to monitor the Ajenti Database Management System. Intercept Studio is a comprehensive application monitoring solution that is designed to continuously monitor application health and accelerate issue identification and resolution.

"When we implemented Intercept Studio six months ago, its performance profiling and exception monitoring worked right out of the box," said Nick Jatan, project stream leader at Hydro Tasmania Consulting. "As we have taken advantage of Intercept Studio's easy configuration and customization features, our results have improved even further. Very little training was required to get an overview of application health, and using Intercept Studio has greatly improved the efficiency of the Ajenti system and its supporting services."

Adoption of AVIcode's real-time application monitoring solution enabled Ajenti users -- farmers monitoring their water meters, licensor staff tracking water usage and data managers following data quality among them -- to monitor their own utility usage much more reliably as system errors are automatically detected and diagnosed, resulting in problem resolution occurring often within minutes rather than days.

"According to recent research, the cost of downtime for companies in the energy industry can be up to $2.8 million per hour," said Mike Curreri, CEO at AVIcode. "With Intercept Studio, Hydro Tasmania Consulting no longer has to spend wasted hours manually diagnosing problems, but can determine the root cause of a problem in real time and automatically assign the appropriate staff member to correct it. The AVIcode solution saves the organization time and money, while improving customer satisfaction."

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