Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Holistic Training Conducted for 1700 California Manufacturing Employees

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC) applied its customized holistic approaches to training by conducting workforce training to 77 small and medium size manufacturing companies based in Southern California.

The holistic approach simultaneously integrated training employees to improve their capability while delivering production improvement projects, which were used to apply the improved capabilities. Training includes classroom training as well as practical, hands-on training provided at a worksite using actual work tasks that apply the training to the work environment. In this way, the goals of improved capabilities are quickly imbedded and increased performance and profitability is achieved at the same time, as part of manufacturing productivity improvement projects. In 2008, workforce training services were provided to over 1,700 employees.

The 77 manufacturers' costs for training in 2008 were offset by training funds provided by California's Employment Training Panel (ETP). In partnership with ETP, CMTC develops the holistic training approach with manufacturers to rapidly improve employee capabilities and capture productivity improvements.

"CMTC was able to give us the framework and tools to implement dramatic positive changes quickly with immediate payback to start Sensorex on the path to becoming a Lean enterprise," stated Jed McCarthy, Sensorex President. Sensorex is a leading California manufacturer of sensors for water applications for both laboratory and industrial processes. CMTC conducted Lean employee training, in order to increase productivity within their facility. At the same time, a Lean improvement project was undertaken which aimed at increasing the productivity and efficiency of key production processes. This holistic approach to training resulted in reducing a two-week turnaround time to two days and increasing productivity by 60%.

"We see employee training as part and parcel of a company's plan to increase its talent and capabilities to compete in our global economy. Our partnership and strong support from ETP is critical to meet the needs of California companies to increase their competitiveness. The significant improvement resulting from of our approach speaks to the success of the training," said David Braunstein, CEO and President of CMTC.


A private, nonprofit corporation, CMTC was established in 1992 to provide high value consulting services to California's high tech and traditional small and medium-size manufacturers to increase their competitive advantage through improved methods of management and manufacturing. CMTC provides consulting services in the practice areas of Strategic Business, Lean Enterprise, Information Technology, Energy Services, Quality, Distribution and Supply Chain Management. CMTC covers Los Angeles, the Inland Empire, Orange County, Ventura/Santa Barbara County, the San Fernando/San Gabriel Valley, the San Joaquin Valley and San Diego/Imperial County. For more information, visit www.cmtc.com.

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