Monday, February 2, 2009

Consulting Firm Savid Technologies Partners with FBI to Provide a Seminar to Enterprises on What Happens After a Hacker Successfully Breaks in

Savid Technologies, an information technology and security consulting company, has announced that it will partner with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to host a Lunch & Learn entitled What Happens After They Break In? on February 19th in Downtown Chicago.

Security vendors and consulting firms spend much time talking about preventing cyber attacks, but not as much attention is given to what happens after a successful cyber attack occurs. Many organizations do not know the steps to take to determine if prosecution is necessary, how to ensure you can prosecute in a court case, or how to work with agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service to comply with all state and federal laws.

"When is the last time your security team talked about what really happens when an incident occurs? While preventing attacks should definitely be a priority for organizations, many forget to address the other end of security, which is effectively responding to successful attacks," said Michael Davis, CEO of Savid Technologies and author of Hacking Exposed. "This presentation will allow organizations to arm themselves in the event of an attack to take the correct remedial steps and work with the FBI, if necessary. An incident response process isn't enough if no one on the team has ever responded to a real incident."

The presenter, Eric Brelsford, Special Agent for the FBI, will provide tips and tricks that organizations can deploy now to decrease the risk that a successful attack won't be prosecutable. He will also cover when and why the FBI gets involved, how to communicate and successfully work with the FBI, how to protect evidence, and how the FBI can help organizations after an attack.

About Savid Technologies

Savid Technologies is a leading IT consulting and security consulting provider, developing IT infrastructures and networking environments that are secure, compliant, and increase business efficiency. Their services include security assessments, network design and implementation and managed maintenance of IT infrastructures. Visit them at

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