Monday, February 9, 2009

Consulting Firm Marketing Concepts International Provides Update

Marketing Concepts International has provided a corporate update.

Kenneth W Mann, President and CEO, announced the corporate strategy of the Company is to provide business development services to smaller corporations and start-ups in exchange for a share of the client corporation's sales revenue. Our services include marketing consulting, management consulting, capital acquisition services, web site development, sales consulting, negotiating services and partnership development.

"Our shareholder offering is somewhat unique and offers shareholders of the Company a preferred stock dividend which will be distributed as sales are generated by our clients. A percentage of the client corporations net sales will be deposited in a trust account with a Canadian chartered bank," explained Mr. Mann.

This trust account, managed by an independent third party, will be used to establish a cash value for all outstanding preferred shares. As sales increase, either from our existing clients or from the acquisition of new clients, the trust account will reflect the increase in the value of the preferred shares. All or any part of a shareholder's preferred shareholdings may be redeemed for its cash value at any time.

"We are looking to invest in companies which will help create jobs in this difficult global economy," said Ken Mann.

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