Monday, February 9, 2009

Alberta IT Consulting Firm Leads Windows 7 Charge

Bulletproof InfoTech, an Alberta based Information Technology company with offices in Red Deer and Calgary is undergoing preparation to ensure our clients and the small business community in Alberta have a smooth transition to the next generation of the Windows Operating System, Windows 7

Formerly named Blackcomb and Vienna, Windows 7 is not scheduled for release to the general public until later in 2009 or early 2010. Bulletproof has elected to participate in the general Beta program of this new version of Windows that is taunted as a major improvement over Windows Vista. Microsoft’s goal is to ensure that they have a stable product for the market and also a solution that small business will immediately benefit from in their daily operations.

Why is this important to small business in Alberta?

Early feedback has been very positive on the entire Windows 7 experience during Bulletproof’s internal testing. No major issues have been identified with Windows 7 on any of the systems that Bulletproof InfoTech has used to test this future release currently in beta. Sean Tindall, Senior Network Engineer, Bulletproof InfoTech, mentions “My laptop is a four year old Pentium M 1.8GHz with 1.5GB of RAM. Overall I find that it performs faster on my hardware, and I've seen lots of anecdotal evidence to suggest that this is a very common experience. “

Small Business in Alberta will benefit from Windows 7 when it is released to the general public as it offers many new features that these businesses will be able to leverage without the need to invest in new hardware. However, we at Bulletproof InfoTech do not recommend that small business wait for this release. Windows Vista is very stable and secure and we recommend that small business continues to leverage these strengths in their business today.

“Moving to Windows 7 wasn't without its challenges, but overall it was useful out of the box” states Tindall. Having a Microsoft Small Business Specialist like Bulletproof testing all the functionality found in Windows 7 will provide additional value to the business community when it is officially released. “Preparation for the future of technology and how these new solutions will impact business in a positive manner is our focus” states Stuart Crawford, VP Business Development, Bulletproof InfoTech. “Ensuring small business in Alberta has the correct information from a partner who understands the importance is a goal that Bulletproof strives to achieve every day.”

Tindall remarks “The footprint is smaller, the performance is better, and the UI is faster and more intuitive. As an IT Professional, I ran Windows Vista on my laptop because I felt I had to. Now I run Windows 7 because I want to.”

About Bulletproof InfoTech

Bulletproof InfoTech provides flat rate, worry-free, fully managed, and guaranteed around the clock managed Information Technology solutions to small businesses between 5 and 100 employees throughout Red Deer, Central Alberta and the Calgary, Alberta markets. For more information on the services that Bulletproof provides call 403.... in Calgary or 403.34... in Red Deer. Visit Bulletproof online at

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