Thursday, January 8, 2009

President Michelle Cunneen Launches Animal Research Consulting, LLC

Animal Research Consulting, LLC recently was formed as a consulting and resource management company for biomedical and pharmaceutical companies and universities to help them establish and manage the competent use of animals in research, testing, and education.

Animal Research Consulting, also known as ARC, announced that its new company, designed to assist both the private and public sectors of the life sciences and healthcare industry, works closely with clients on the unique needs of animals for specific research projects of any size. The company provides comprehensive expertise to start-ups, researchers, scientists, and directors of mid-size and large companies on proper care and selection of animals, quality assurance, enterprise and project management, husbandry, planning, facility design and lab set-up as well as operational logistics.

"We hold the highest standards when it comes to the use of animals in research. Selecting and management of them is often a very complex and challenging aspect of research. There are rigorous standards to be met, proper selection coordinated with the research needs, in addition to training staff and the facility design," Michelle Cunneen, President of Animal Research Consulting stated. "We are experts in this area and work to maximize the use of time, space and capital while maintaining the strictest principals regarding animal research, allowing scientists and researchers to focus on solving the health and medical challenges with confidence in their subjects."

Animal Research Consulting works with companies throughout New England, and has clients internationally, providing competent animal management to meet the needs of biological research. Universities, small and mid-size biotech firms have engaged the company's services, and start-up biotech companies are jumping on board. "Start-up biotech and research companies often have a very specific focus on a health or life science issue. They often face the challenge of balancing the requirements of animal research with financial constraints and funding. We help them by creating a short-term and long-term approach that saves costs while maintaining the reliability of animals needed for the research," Cunneen stated.

With over 25 years experience in the industry, Michelle Cunneen brings exceptional credentials and qualifications to the animal research industry. Her expertise in both small and large-scale animal lab facilities brings Animal Research Consulting to the forefront of a demanding and industry. Cunneen was also an influential participant in the development of the federally mandated Animal Response Team in Newton, MA by the Department of Homeland Security and is involved with many community, state-side, and national efforts for the protection and management of animals.

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About Animal Research Consulting, LLC

Animal Research Consulting, LLC is a company committed to the proper design and management of animal research projects by offering expertise in facility planning, start-up, animal management and operational management. The company offers comprehensive services for researchers, scientific officers, directors, and regulators on the best management practices of animals in research. Animal Research Consulting works to assist professionals on implementing the best plans, reducing short and long-term costs, and making informed decisions. For more information on Animal Research Consulting, please visit or call 1-877-728-8781.

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