Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Panoramic Feedback Welcomes Shanghai Worth Management Consulting to Provide 360-Degree Feedback in China

Panoramic Feedback has announced an agreement with consulting powerhouse Shanghai Worth Management Consulting to distribute its 360-degree feedback system in China.

Shanghai Worth Management Consulting Co. Ltd. is a leading Chinese human resources consulting company. It focuses on measuring and managing human resources on the basis of employee capability.

By adding Panoramic Feedback to its other recognized technologies, Worth will strengthen its ability to assess performance and guide career development.

Panoramic Feedback CEO Esther Kohn-Bentley said, "This is a great combination. It brings together Worth as a senior, respected consulting firm in China, and Panoramic Feedback as an internationally recognized provider of 360-degree feedback.

"Worth has solid experience in measuring the capability of employees, and our system provides them with a highly reliable means to do just that. We're looking forward to working with them, especially since China's emerging economy is very open to the use of 360-degree feedback."

Worth's General Manager Mr. Yunting Li said, "We are very excited to be associated with Panoramic Feedback and offering this great tool to our clients.

"The market for 360-degree feedback in China is growing quickly, and we are now at the leading edge, with a world class system."

Because the Panoramic Feedback system is designed to use the characters of both traditional and simplified Chinese, Worth can deploy it quickly.

This agreement is based on Panoramic Feedback's commitment to provide users with the greatest number of language capabilities in the 360-degree feedback field. Its questionnaires and reports can be generated in over 50 languages, including Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and the major European and Cyrillic languages.

Panoramic Feedback, which has been in business for over a decade, is a pioneer in providing software-as-a-service via the Internet.

About Panoramic Feedback

Panoramic Feedback is a respected international provider of 360-degree feedback. As the first 360 system to go online, in 1998, it benefits from the extensive organizational development expertise of its founders. Panoramic Feedback also provides a free Knowledge Center featuring vendor-neutral articles about process design and best practices, at

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360 degree implies a circle of raters surrounding the "target" employee providing anonymous feedback, 360 degree feedback system.