Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MiPro Consulting Launches Dedicated Business Intelligence Services Practice

Michigan-based ERP and SaaS consultancy extends its portfolio by launching dedicated Business Intelligence professional services practice, designed to help executives understand true business performance and health.

MiPro Consulting, a specialized provider of PeopleSoft and Workday consulting services, today launched a new services practice dedicated to helping companies plan and implement market-leading Business Intelligence solutions. Leveraging the company's experience working with PeopleSoft ERP solutions and Workday's SaaS technology, MiPro Consulting is proud to announce its new Business Intelligence service line, a direct descendant of its other service arms and strategic response to the market and organizational requests.

"This is perhaps the hottest area in the enterprise applications space right now," said Chris Bishop, President of MiPro Consulting. "Companies are looking to optimize their daily operations more than ever, and Business Intelligence helps them look at their business's health, analyze key metrics, and make very quick, very intelligent decisions based on real information. You'd be hard-pressed to find executives who aren't blown away by what Business Intelligence can put on a dashboard for them."

Business Intelligence is a natural fit with MiPro's already-established PeopleSoft and Workday service arms. "Business Intelligence isn't the same value proposition as ERP or a pure SaaS play," said Larry Zagata, MiPro's Business Intelligence Practice Director. "It's more about taking the systems you already have and the data they generate and wrapping it into an analysis and presentation engine. It's about taking data and turning it into actionable business information, and in today's economy, this is exactly what people are looking for. Decisions need to be more justified than ever, and Business Intelligence helps validate business decisions at the highest levels."

MiPro's Business Intelligence practice will focus on Oracle BI and SAP Business Objects, both of which are market leaders and the platforms most inquired about by MiPro's clients. MiPro's Business Intelligence practice specializes in Knowledge-on-Demand, BI Packaged Services, and Full Lifecycle BI implementations. More detail about MiPro's Business Intelligence services line can be found on its website.

About MiPro Consulting

MiPro Consulting is a leading professional services organization focused on helping its clients achieve maximum value from their PeopleSoft, Workday, and Business Intelligence (Oracle BI, Business Objects) investments. MiPro's professionals have proven expertise in delivering superior planning and assessment, project management, implementation, upgrade support, data management, and configuration services. Offering exemplary communication and professionalism and focusing on strong teamwork and applying real-world experience, MiPro Consulting's professionals continue to be recognized as leaders in the industry. Since 2005, MiPro has served mid-market to Fortune 100 customers and has become known as a consulting authority on PeopleSoft, Workday and Business Intelligence implementations. To learn more, visit MiPro's website, its blog or its Twitter feed.

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