Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Metrogy Offers a New Consulting Model for Financial Institutions

Even before the current economic crisis, financial institutions have always been some of the most informed and disciplined users of consulting services. They demand value, superior functionality, and measurable returns on every contracting dollar spent. In the midst of the worst economic downturn spearheaded by Wall Street, the standards for engaging consulting expertise are changing with the times. Many financial organizations are foregoing the extensive costs of hiring the big consulting conglomerates, with the all-too-familiar hierarchy of senior-level consulting sales and junior-level project fulfillment, and are turning to the “niche” consultancies with a specialized domain expertise in accomplishing their business objectives.

One of the premier consultancies continually delivering the required skill set is New York-based Metrogy, an independent business and technology consulting firm specialized in providing multifaceted financial organizations with Business Analysis, Project Management, and Strategy Consulting services. With engagements spanning the entire landscape of the financial industry, Metrogy focuses exclusively on the strategic application of business and technology communication. Metrogy’s suite of services is designed to enable financial clients to leverage the core “business and technology liaison” functionality, consistently delivered by Metrogy consultants and into the competitive advantage for their business.

Metrogy has a focused channel for handpicking the elite business and technology talent and provides only the attention of expert-level practitioners who have deep, specialized competencies in functional and technical areas. They work collaboratively with clients to provide the high-touch solutions, advice, and facilitation. The typical Metrogy consultant possesses a sound blend of highly developed leadership and functional competencies with a broad base of industry experience. Metrogy’s consultants also possess a proven record of project delivery, along with exceptional communication and facilitation skills. Staying cognizant of subtle nuances around clients’ budgetary constraints, Metrogy maintains a long-term outlook offering a flexible, well-managed and relationship-driven pricing approach, aimed at providing tangible business benefits and dramatic reduction in current spend to their clients and thereby securing future business for the firm.

“Through keen appreciation for key industry dynamics affecting our clients, their unique needs, corporate culture, and operating environment we are able to position our service offerings in context of overall Client strategy” explains Alexander Resnikoff, Metrogy’s CEO and Principal Consultant. “We invest into the success of every project by adhering to an absolute commitment to client satisfaction, leveraging a broad pool of critical resources, and providing recognized subject matter expertise and thought leadership.” An accomplished management consulting professional prior to founding Metrogy, Mr. Resnikoff has held a number of high profile consulting positions in the wealth management area of the financial sector, successfully completing engagements at top global financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, UBS, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and HSBC. Mr. Resnikoff is directly overseeing every client project, and engaging in all facets of the business from high-level strategic counsel to hands on project management.

Metrogy clients consistently report high satisfaction rates, and perform a significant part of marketing through referrals for the firm. They understand that through the unprecedented changes in the business, regulatory, and technology environments Metrogy has the experience and proven results to help them navigate new challenges and accomplish their business objectives. Through independent mindset and a unique, tailored approach to every engagement Metrogy is able to offer a high touch appeal of a boutique consultancy while delivering the capabilities of a global consulting powerhouse.

About Metrogy, Inc.

Metrogy is an independent business and technology consultancy, specializing in providing multifaceted financial organizations with Business Analysis, Project Management and Strategy Consulting services. Metrogy’s suite of consulting services is designed to enable institutional clients to leverage the core “business and technology liaison” functionality delivered by Metrogy consultants, into the competitive advantage for their business.

For additional information about the, please visit www.metrogy.com.

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