Monday, January 26, 2009

Customer Lifecycle, LLC Launches Marketing and Research Consulting Services to Maximize the Value of Customer Loyalty Research Investment

Customer Lifecycle, LLC today launched marketing and research consulting services to assist large and small Business-to-Business companies achieve greater value and better business results from their loyalty research through comprehensive deployment and integration of research results into the day-to-day operations of the organization. The group focuses on meeting companies' continuing need for higher returns on loyalty research by effectively incorporating customer requirements into key functions and processes that drive growth in market share, revenue, and profitability.

What differentiates Customer Lifecycle, LLC from other Customer Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives is its end-to-end approach to planning, execution and deployment to ensure effective use of the research findings. This approach and its success are based on:

1. Clear, up-front understanding and agreement among key stakeholders and end users on the objectives and their readiness and commitment to take ownership of implementation of the results.
2. Experienced support for or execution of rigorous research focused on business loyalty challenges during the research process; regardless of who conducts thje survey
3. Thorough integration of customer requirements into the daily operations of the organization at the deployment stage.
4. Reliable performance metrics at the business outcomes stage.

James Salter, Principal and founder of Customer Loyalty LLC, states, "Customer loyalty and retention are major drivers of business success, and conducting research to fully understand those drivers is an important strategic business investment, particularly in today's market environment. Unfortunately, much of the value companies could gain from research is lost due to planning challenges and the failure to thoroughly integrate the results into what the company does day-by-day and in the field."

Salter adds, "Our approach is holistic, market-focused, and carefully structured. It ensures that a company will more effectively consider and incorporate the voice of the customer in its daily management and operations, thus better aligning their value propositions and processes with the granular needs of the marketplace. The outcomes are balanced, customer-focused performance metrics, improved financial outcomes, and a superior total customer experience."

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About Customer Lifecycle, LLC
Customer Lifecycle is committed to providing clients the best possible results from their loyalty research through better planning, execution, and deployment. Successful loyalty initiatives frequently need to address stakeholder groups and operating issues that require unusual expertise and particular skills. We have established alliances with some of the leading experts in loyalty, employee engagement, human resources management, organizational development and scorecarding to add their experience and insights when the need arises. We will continue to build these special relationships as we move forward with our clients.

About the Founder

Prior to establishing Customer Lifecycle, LLC, James Salter was Senior Consultant at the Loyalty Research Center and before that, Senior Vice President of the Customer Loyalty Division at Harris Interactive and one of the founders of its loyalty practice.

About the Alliance Partners
Loyalty Research Center is a full service research and consulting company serving clients in the B2B, B2C space and Associations. It measures and manages customer and/or employee satisfaction and loyalty. Using scientific modeling and best practices research, LRC designs custom programs that help companies attract new customers, retain profitable customers, engage employees and grow business.
Metrus Group is an industry leader in strategic performance measurement and organizational assessment. For 20 years the company has helped successful and challenging businesses worldwide to achieve superior, sustainable business results through the development of their "People Equity" and a high performance culture.

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