Tuesday, February 22, 2011

AHEB Investment Group Provides Business Planning & Consulting Services

Specialised financial consulting firm AHEB Investment Group today announced the availability of its new business plan development and consulting services, designed to help clients and new start ups reach the next phase of their development and growth.

Designed to be a flexible service tailored to client needs and budget, AHEB's business plan consulting came about as a result of increased demand from clients for a service which could provide that missing gap between financial and business objectives and strategy. As a key player in the business development process, AHEB Investment Group has a unique understanding of the complexity of this type of planning, and the team also has extensive experience in consulting and funding companies in their growth stages.

The complete customised strategic planning service, available immediately, now provides AHEB clients with a service which allows them to optimise their business strategy and develop a complete business plan. As part of the service, thorough, in-depth research and analysis will be carried out on the market and business industry in which the company operates, in order to create a clear direction and plan for the company, saving the business many hours which can be better spent in revenue creation activities.

Some of the services now immediately available include business plan development (using Basell II principles and strategy), creation of financing plans and review of any existing business or financing plans as well as budgeting and cash flow analysis. AHEB's expert team are also, through their experience on an international level, able to provide insight and consulting on a strategic level, and so their services also encompass risk analysis, investment analysis as well as marketing planning, project planning services and market analysis. The entire process is designed to identify the opportunities available to the company, their strengths and assist in matching them to find the best way to drive the business forward into the most profitable areas.

Each company will have its own situation reviewed and the business planning service will be customised accordingly, to include the elements which are of most value to the company in question and the consulting is done in close partnership with a team of key project stakeholders.

Managing Director of AHEB Investment Group, Mr Andreas Charalambous, says the new service is fundamental for clients in growth stages, commenting: "A strategic plan for a business is vital in order to provide a current overview and analysis of the performance and standing of the business and provide it with a roadmap as to where it should be heading. It also allows a business to grow through an increased awareness of its direction and strengths. Finally, and most importantly, in many instances where financing needs to be secured, whether that be an overdraft facility or a loan from a financial institution in order to fund venture capital, a current business plan must be provided. Therefore a business plan is an essential tool in the natural growth of a company."

Further to the positive reception around the launch of this service, Mr Charalambous also appreciates the importance and value of this service to the company's clients. "Although many companies have a vision when they start out their business, they do not always develop their business plan successfully. It is important to set objectives which then determine your plan of action and strategy. In addition to this, it is also important to understand that progress and milestones must be measured and monitored in order to ensure success. AHEB's business planning allows our clients to set benchmarks and performance measures at various key stages of the financial year, to ensure the company is on the right path."

All those interested in learning more about the business planning and consulting services offered are invited to contact AHEB Investment Group.

About AHEB Investment Group

AHEB Investment Group was founded in 2008 to provide professional support and consulting regarding financing to businesses of large and medium size but also start up enterprises. AHEB specializes in assisting the development of large commercial and industrial projects by offering financing solutions and advisory support. Successful projects include real estate developments, construction including large hotels, energy based projects covering power plants and oil rigs with other major purchases of ships and aircraft. AHEB's relationships with principal global and regional banking institutions and its network of investment partners enable client businesses to also secure arrangement of collateral and to receive unrivalled support throughout the financing process.

For further information about AHEB Investment Group, visit www.ahebgroup.com.

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