Thursday, September 3, 2009

Solid State Group Unveils New Brand Identity and Corporate Website

Solid State Group formally launch their new brand identity alongside Cookie Jar 7, the latest version of their content management system that signifies a milestone in the company’s history and the evolution of their brand and product portfolio.

The rebrand can be seen on their newly launched website, built and designed in-house, showcasing their experience in delivering world class websites for a range of clients across a diverse range of markets.

The rebrand was sparked by a fundamental shift in how Solid State Group approaches its client’s needs. Their core products have seen a complete redesign based on client and end user feedback. Cookie Jar is supported by a mix-and-match set of applications and solutions giving unrivalled flexibility without a compromise in functionality. Whether you are after an online auction, need to support multiple languages or want direct chat applications Solid State Group’s product portfolio can deliver it.

The new brand mimics this unity delivering a clear and contemporary look and feel.

“It’s a new way of thinking and working, based on client and user feedback” says Matthew Evans, Director at Solid State Group. “Our clients are so varied that flexibility and interoperability needed to be the starting point for everything we did. This complexity needed to be simple to deliver without compromise on end-user functionality. We have now ploughed all of this experience back into our core product propositions and the rebrand is a visualisation of this change.”

This new flexibility is evident in the existing and new client list, including global, multi-lingual brands such as Sony Computer Entertainment and Amnesty International and industry specialists in i-level and Oakleigh Consulting. The mix of industries, consumer and trade clients is indicative of this inherent flexibility and understanding. “It’s now part of our heritage and this latest phase is about bringing who we are and what we do under one consistent look and feel,” said Matthew. “It’s about continuous development based on a solid technology platform making it easier to fulfil our clients’ needs. It’s also about making use of opportunity and in the current climate it’s good to change the way you do things. It shows clients you aren’t sitting still.”

About Solid State Group

Solid State Group is a content management, web applications and services consultancy which was founded in 2002 out of a desire to provide solutions which were more time and cost-efficient.

Leveraging the founding partners experience in the IT consulting, financial and marketing sectors, Solid State Group has built a strong reputation for robust products that can be rapidly and effectively implemented across a broad range of industry sectors.

Solid State Group has a varied and growing client portfolio primarily focused on the entertainment, public sector and finance industries.

Solid State Group focuses on quality and customer-centricity in all its activities. Above all we value the relationships we build with our clients through honesty and transparency in all our work. It's through these values that we have managed to retain over 98% of our clients since incorporation.

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