Monday, September 14, 2009

Recovery In Sight for Broadcast Industry, say D. I. S. Consulting and Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics and D. I. S. Consulting today announced that their latest prediction for the global broadcast and professional media production market heralds a return to growth in 2010. After a severe downturn in most industry segments during 2009, the analysts expect global revenues to increase by 4.8% next year. These results will be presented at Strategy Analytics' annual Analyst Breakfast during this year's IBC in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Sunday 13th September.

Douglas I. Sheer, CEO and Chief Analyst of DIS Consulting Corporation, notes: "The broadcasting and professional media industries are heading for a 4.8% increase overall in 2010. This growth forecast, although modest, is a sign that the industry, which has seen a devastatingly steep decline - an average of a 14% decline -- in 2009 purchases, is on its way back up." Two factors have motivated Sheer to make this statement: actual findings from more than ten already published annual global reports, all pointing towards modest improvements in the coming year; and other reliable industry tracking indicators, such as those from the (U. S.) Television Bureau of Advertising, which follows advertising revenues at stations and which have indicated an uptick in 2010. All point towards improvement in the coming year.

"All of the signs are coming up as positive towards a recovery next year," said Sheer. In addition to the forecast for broadcast, DIS is confident that other non-broadcast sales in the industry, such as in event video, mobile/OB and medical video will be even stronger in recovery, perhaps topping 7% next year as the entire industry rallies.

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