Friday, September 11, 2009

As ARRA Incentive Deadlines Near, Beacon Partners Emphasizes the Importance of Go-Live

With more than 250 successful system launches behind them, healthcare management consulting firm Beacon Partners, Inc. today announced their Go-Live Success Services to help healthcare organizations who are in the process of implementing EHR in accordance with the ARRA.

"A successful Go-Live is absolutely essential to comprehensive clinical transformation," says Ralph P. Fargnoli, Jr., president and CEO of Beacon Partners. "And this is all the more important as the healthcare community is converting to an EHR-based system as they strive to get the most ARRA incentives."

We`ve seen it all too often when everything is done so well up to a point in the
implementation process, but then there`s no importance placed on the Go-Live process, and the result is often one of frustration and ultimately a failed

Beacon Partners has successfully helped leading organizations in the Go-Live process such as Sansum Clinic, Novant Medical Group, White River Medical Center and Premier Health Partners.

Beacon Partners Go-Live Success Services include:

* Go-Live Planning Assessment

* Review implementation Go-Live Plan
* Assess Go-Live resource requirements against implementation rollout
* Analyze application mix
* Evaluate vendor resources
* Assess Go-Live Change Management and Communication Plans
* Determine Command Center requirements

* Go-Live Planning

* Design and develop Command Center
* Create and train Help Desk
* Designate resources for floor support and runners
* Develop Go-Live Change Management and Communication Plans

* Go-Live Support

* 24x7 support resources
* Implement and monitor Change Management and Communication Plans
* Command Center and Help Desk staffing
* Clinician floor/unit support
* Live system configuration and workflow adjustments

* Post-Go-Live Transition, Planning and Process Improvement

* Identify training requirements
* Assess workflow and process improvements based on Go-Live feedback
* Develop system optimization plan

About Beacon Partners

As the largest independent healthcare management consulting firm in the country,
Beacon Partners is chosen by organizations in the Healthcare Community to
provide expertise in the adoption of information technology to improve overall
operational and financial performance. With their strategic approach and depth
of experience, Beacon Partners is uniquely qualified to help organizations
navigate the challenges in healthcare and optimize their potential to deliver
the highest possible level of patient care. This proven approach allows
healthcare organizations to maximize their Enterprise Yield - the alignment of
people, processes and technologies - with the important understanding that
success depends on the ability to adapt quickly to issues pertaining to clinical
transformation, revenue cycle management, interoperability, workflow
optimization, EHR implementation and more. As the HITECH portion of the American
Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 becomes a priority to healthcare
organizations, Beacon Partners` ARRA expertise helps organizations develop a
roadmap that will lead to "meaningful user" status and maximize available

For more information, please visit and Beacon Partners` special healthcare information portal,

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