Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Senior ICT Continuity Management Consultant Carl Bradbury Joins Steelhenge's Growing Business Continuity Management Team

Steelhenge has appointed Carl Bradbury as a senior ICT continuity consultant in its business continuity management team. Carl has 29 years experience in information and communications technology (ICT) and more than 12 years in ICT and voice continuity. Steelhenge's dedicated ICT continuity management service has gone from strength to strength since its launch, and forms an important part of the business continuity management portfolio. For more information, visit www.steelhenge.co.uk.

"The ICT continuity practice that we launched recently has proven to be very popular, resulting in the expansion of the ICT continuity team," commented Isobel Nicholas, director of marketing and communications for Steelhenge. "We're delighted to welcome Carl to Steelhenge and feel that he will bring a huge amount of experience to the company and our clients." Carl has wide ranging experience of the financial services sector,retail, broadcasting and the public sector. He is a member of the Business Continuity Institute (MBCI) and the British Computer Society (MBCS). He was also one of the lead authors of the British Standard for ICT Continuity Management BS25777-1:2008 published in December 2008 establishing him as a leading practitioner in the field.

When asked why the ICT continuity services have been so much in demand, Isobel replied; "A critical part of ensuring that a company or organisation is fit to fight through the economic downturn is getting ICT continuity management processes in place. Business managers are all too aware that if they suffer any interruption in service delivery due to a loss of data or ICT availability, there is sufficient competition to take their place. The benefit of having a dedicated ICT continuity management team is that we can come in and work with a business at any stage of their ICT resilience development. Even if there are no procedures in place, we can start with health check then develop strategies and solutions from there," Isobel concluded.

About Steelhenge

Steelhenge Consulting provides end to end business continuity, crisis management and emergency planning services to a broad range of corporate clients internationally, as well as to UK Government Departments, local authorities, the European Commission and NGOs. Steelhenge also delivers specialist services in energy resilience, & utility resilience and pandemic planning. Steelhenge has particular expertise in the preparation of people to perform effectively in implementing business continuity and recovery plans, and in communicating both internally and externally with stakeholders during crisis.

Established in 2004, with offices in London and Salisbury, Steelhenge is the UK's leader in the delivery of bespoke training and exercises for staff at all levels from the strategic through the tactical to the operational. Steelhenge's consultants have been recruited from a broad range of sectors in order to create a depth of expertise and knowledge across the resilience landscape. All senior staff have operational experience of crises, incidents, emergencies or disasters, enabling them to deliver pragmatic solutions based on real-life experience.

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