Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Explosive Growth for Consulting in the Cloud: CoreMatrix Shows 3x Growth in Customer Service and Support Business

CoreMatrix Systems, a leading consulting company in the cloud computing space, announced a 51% increase in revenue in Q2 2009 over the same period last year. A significant factor in the explosive growth of CoreMatrix was the tripling of customer service and support-related CRM revenue.

The economy and tightening IT budgets are prompting a major shift to cloud-based IT services. Cloud computing allows companies to leverage powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions without having to make significant hardware or infrastructure investments. According to Gartner, worldwide cloud services revenue is estimated to not only surpass $56.3 billion in 2009, but top $150 billion in 2013.

"In tough economic times companies are looking for ways to work smarter. Solutions like Salesforce.com really hit the sweet spot by not only offering the economic benefits of SaaS, but also giving companies better visibility to one of their most important but often untapped resources, customer data," said Frank McMahon, co-founder of CoreMatrix Systems. "Our consultants help companies accelerate their return on investment by providing key strategies, efficient processes and best practices, allowing sales, marketing and support to all take full advantage of a robust SaaS CRM system."

In addition to growth sparked by the transition to cloud-based applications, the need for better utilization of customer data in contact centers is leading companies to focus more heavily on an integrated customer view and new ways to communicate with them through social media. According to Steve Grant, managing partner of Customer Research Center, a strategic partner of CoreMatrix, "Many companies are realizing the value of having a full 360-degree customer view and the importance of using that data to find new revenue. The support center can be a crucial part of this process, not only in improving customer satisfaction and retention, but also by taking advantage of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities in order to turn support from an expense center to a revenue generator."

CoreMatrix has extensive experience with cloud-based CRM applications like Salesforce.com, and expertise in salesforce automation, marketing automation and customer service and support. CoreMatrix consulting services range from planning, design, implementation, adoption and support of On-Demand software solutions, as well as custom application development and systems integration.

About CoreMatrix Systems

CoreMatrix is a leading provider of cloud computing consulting services related to the planning, design, implementation, adoption and support of On-Demand Software Solutions for mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies. With industry-specific solutions and experience gained from over 650 CRM projects, CoreMatrix is dedicated to helping customers extract more value from their CRM applications enabling them to quickly improve productivity and see a faster return on their investment.

Customers include: American Express, Wyndham, Citrix and PMSI. CoreMatrix is headquartered in Red Bank, NJ, with regional offices throughout North America.

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