Friday, August 21, 2009

Convergys Touts Adoptions of Home Agent Solutions

Convergys, a provider of relationship management, reported that four of its five largest clients have all chosen to utilize its Home Agent Solutions as part of their wider customer service offering.

Convergys said its Home Agent Solutions, combined with other advanced customer service offerings from Convergys, are tools helping these clients drive customer experiences and increased business flexibility.

Convergys Home Agents complement its traditional facility-based agents located worldwide and its self-service solutions, which make up Convergys' end-to-end customer support portfolio.

"Our clients large and small recognize the value Convergys Home Agents bring to their customer management programs, citing improved scheduling flexibility, business continuity, and lower cost-to-serve as their reasons for choosing the Convergys solution," said Brad Krinhop, Vice President, Convergys Home Agent. "With home agents in place to serve their customers, our clients can handle seasonal ramps and spikes in call volume seamlessly. Convergys' Home Agents also form a key element of our clients' business continuity plans for providing uninterrupted care to their customers, since home agent solutions are essentially immune to location-specific occurrences such as weather-related outages and virus outbreaks."

Convergys said it leverages the latest technology to closely integrate and monitor the quality of the work provided by its population of home agents across the United States. Convergys home agents receive thorough training and regular coaching on how to deliver customer service experience. Security and quality practices ensure that the service provided by home agents is secure, reliable, and indistinguishable from that provided by agents located in one of Convergys' 83 contact centers.

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