Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sotolongo Consulting Associates to Hold Entrepreneur Workshop

Sotolongo Consulting Associates (SCA) will hold an all-day Entrepreneur Workshop at the Somerset Hills Hotel in Warren, New Jersey on Thursday, July 30th. This event will be sponsored by NYSE Euronext and Peapack-Gladstone Bank.

The Entrepreneur Workshop is the first in a series of workshops that will be offered to individuals thinking about changing careers and possibly starting their own business. "We want to offer services and programs that will be helpful to those NJ-NY residents struggling with layoffs in this recession" stated Donna Sotolongo, Psy D, CEO of Sotolongo Consulting Associates. "We are proud to offer services that are affordable and relevant for these individuals." The demand for comprehensive information is even more important now as thousands of displaced workers seek jobs or are trying to make a decision about their next steps.

For many individuals, especially those professionals who may feel their chances of competing with a younger workforce a daunting task, considering alternative career paths is a real option. SCA workshops will offer concrete professional advice, business experts, and successful entrepreneurs who will give a comprehensive overview of how to create a business plan, obtain financing (especially in this economy), and the nuts and bolts of "start ups".

Workshop participants will learn how to bring their vision for a business to fruition as well as realize their goal of regaining the power to control their financial destiny.

About Sotolongo Consulting Associates (SCA)

SCA is a group of professionals dedicated to using their experience and training to design programs and interventions that are cost saving, increase productivity, and beneficial in improving individual work performance and growth potential. The company has recruited consultants from a wide range of professions and careers in the public and private sector and in corporate, educational and mental health settings. These consultants have been rigorously vetted and recruited from a highly talented pool of trained, experienced professionals.

The consulting team is led by Donna Sotolongo, Psy D who has over thirty years experience in higher education, business management, consulting, and psychotherapy. Dr. Sotolongo has extensive experience designing programs that promote healthy living, educational and career advancement and improved work performance. In addition, she is the author of numerous articles on college admissions, financial aid, parenting, stress reduction and financial literacy. More information is available at

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