Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guidance Consulting to Offer Effective Vulnerability Remediation Strategies

According to the IT professionals at Guidance Consulting, Inc., the most effective network and IT security measures go beyond simply creating protective barriers to developing personalized strategies for each type of business out there. These days, there's no limit to the type of businesses online; from independent contractors to multi-national corporations, just about everyone has a website, network, or infrastructure in need of protection. Daniel Gottilla, senior consultant at Guidance Consulting, stresses that even the smallest ventures online open businesses up to vulnerability issues.

"We find that most businesses - even the small ones - are somewhat responsible in protecting their network assets," confirms Gottilla. "They either look to IT consultants or use in-house resources to keep their internal networks secure." Unfortunately, these steps aren't always enough, and more businesses are taking advantage of Guidance Consulting's new vulnerability remediation strategies to get an added layer of protection.

Vulnerability remediation works by placing the focus on where there might be weaknesses in an existing system. Instead of building up an entirely new security application, the purpose is to find the security issues that need to be addressed and to take care of each one systematically.

"It's all about finding and taking down the potential hazards," Gottilla says. "Most of the time, companies don't know where they're the most vulnerable until we come in and assess their existing system. It's a great way to create realistic solutions without interfering with what might already be working."

In this way, vulnerability remediation is all about implementing cost-effective security measures, as well. Many IT consulting companies build up security systems from scratch, using their own preferred methods. Not so with Gottilla's team. Guidance Consulting takes a more organic approach with their vulnerability remediation program, which uses the foundations already in place to strengthen a framework as unique as each one of their clients.

"It's our job to find the most inexpensive and effective solution possible," Gottilla adds. "Many times, vulnerability remediation does just that."

About Guidance Consulting

Guidance Consulting is a technology solutions firm offering a range of services related to technology, infrastructure development, and general information technology consulting.

For over 15 years, Guidance Consulting has been delivering profitable technology results to everything from small, private firms to Fortune 500 companies. In addition to meeting employment and staffing needs, Guidance Consulting implements a wide range of IT solutions that help companies to cut costs, increase productivity, and avoid damages associated with vulnerability issues to get the most out of the current technologies available for businesses of all sizes.

For more information on making Guidance Consulting a part of your company's IT support team, visit their website at http://www.guidance-consulting.com.

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