Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Business Consulting: HRH Offers Online Identity Management to Remove Negative Internet Reports

HRH Business Consulting, a Los Angeles based internet marketing firm, announced today it would be offering Online Identity Management (OIM) for companies looking to remove negative publicity from search results within the first ten pages.

This service, a groundbreaking new process, will enable small businesses to clean up often undeserved slanderous statements made about them by disgruntled former employees or dissatisfied customers.

“A large business can receive negative publicity and not be affected by it, “said an HRH spokesman. “A small business will suffer substantial financial loss. Image is everything and with the number of internet complaint sites increasing every day it has become a priority for small businesses to address the subject of their online identity.”

HRH has designed a program where they can relocate or banish all negative publicity within search engine results to Page 10 and beyond. The objective is to boost a company’s positive image in the pages where potential customers will see their listings. By eliminating any negative statements or reviews they clear the way for visitors to focus only on the positive aspects of a retailer or service provider.

HRH Business Consulting is a full service internet marketing firm offering business consulting and marketing solutions to online businesses. In addition to their new Online Identity Management service, they also offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Optimization.

Contact: HRH Business Consulting 22001 Crespi St, Unit A Woodland Hills, CA, 91364 United States Tel: 1.818.867.4442

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