Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Takbax Technologies and Valhalla Research Announce Completion of Merger

Two leading Pacific Northwest-based firms, Takbax Technologies, LLC and Valhalla Research Group Inc., announced today the completion of their merger. The new company will operate under the name Visiomenté Corporation. The company will provide best-in-class solutions tailored to help businesses assess and increase organizational effectiveness, mitigate risks, augment technology infrastructure and effectively reach and connect with customers.

The Visiomenté Corporation uses client-focused methodologies to deliver strategic, results-driven solutions that promote organizational excellence, profitability and sound governance. The company’s competitive range of management consulting, technology consulting and marketing services are driven by a new social and collaborative framework taking shape in business today.

The company’s leadership team’s expertise spans project and program management, risk management, analytics, software design, technology deployment, social media and web design. The company’s core competencies include performance and scalability troubleshooting, high-volume website architecture and large volumes data analytics.

“With the merger, we’ve created a more diversified consulting and technology services firm that is uniquely positioned to help our clients overcome their biggest challenges, including effectively reaching millions of customers,” said Jan Vandenbos, chief executive officer. “Websites like Twitter.com and Facebook.com are leading the way in targeting and communicating with significant consumer segments. We help our clients attract and connect with large numbers of consumers in the same way.

Prior to the merger, Takbax Technologies’ and Valhalla Research’s client rosters included AT&T, Google and Microsoft Corporation. The newly formed company will continue to serve major leading corporations as well as small and mid-sized clients. By enlisting the expertise and thought leadership of the Visiomenté Corporation team, companies are better equipped to compete in the global marketplace and achieve or maintain recognition as an industry leader.

“The merger demonstrates our commitment to serving our clients with a more expansive portfolio of services in order to deliver greater value, which is increasingly important to today’s companies as they strive to keep a keener eye on their bottom lines,” said Aaron Wentzel, chief operating officer.

Visiomenté Corporation is headquartered in Issaquah, Wash. For more information or to request interviews with the company’s leadership team, visit www.visiomente.com.

About Visiomenté Corporation

Based in the Pacific Northwest, the Visiomenté Corporation is a multidisciplinary business and technology consulting firm with more than 25 years of experience. The company offers a competitive range of management consulting, technology consulting and marketing services designed to help clients effectively compete in the global market. For more information, visit www.visiomente.com.

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