Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Small Manufacturers Stay in Business with Expert Help

-California Manufacturing Technology Consulting™ (CMTC) provides personalized, continuous improvement services and is keeping small manufacturers in business during tough economic times. The services, part of CMTC’s SMA program, provide expertise and leadership for small manufacturers to grow sales and at the same time create Lean production and administrative processes in order to boost productivity.

Last year, the City of Riverside, which has a partnership with CMTC to improve business, asked CMTC to work with Newport Cottages, a Riverside-based Company. Newport Cottages specializes in creating fine, Old World quality “bench-made” furniture that is sold through fine furniture showrooms and authorized dealers nationwide. Though the product was exceptional, CMTC Consultant Dennis Sonney found several improvement opportunities on the shop floor, using Lean techniques. Sonney spent time working with the company’s CEO and founder, Pockets Alvarez. Alvarez was committed to the Lean process and, as a result, the process freed up shop floor space, eliminated inventory, and reduced capital spending.

Alvarez told Sonney that his company would have shut down or moved out of the country if not for the SMA program. “We believe this customer greatly benefits from our matchless, culture-based approach which is hands-on and systematic. It is a great example of the outcomes we achieve in providing customer value. We call it 3-Dimensional Power and it is obviously working,” stated David Braunstein, CMTC’s President and CEO. Ratings in CMTC customer satisfaction by Southern California manufacturers hit its 6th straight year of higher ratings. Customer satisfaction for CMTC services are now at the highest level in company history. The latest result is from approximately 600 manufacturers reported in May 2009.


A private, nonprofit corporation established in 1992, CMTC serves Los Angeles to San Diego/Imperial County. CMTC provides high value consulting services for improving management and production of high tech and traditional small and medium-size manufacturers. CMTC provides consulting services in the practice areas of Strategic Business, Lean Enterprise, Information Technology, Energy & GHG Emissions Reduction, Quality Improvement, Distribution and Supply Chain Management. For more information, visit www.cmtc.com.

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