Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Outplacement Technology Usage Experiencing 42% Increase, Says Consulting Firm Insala

Insala, a leading global provider of outplacement and career transition software, reports a 42% year over year usage increase of EmploymetTalk™, Insala’s online outplacement solution.

Insala is also reporting a second consecutive quarterly increase in EmploymentTalk™ usage compared to the same quarter last year. With more than 20% of the world’s outplacement firms powered by EmploymentTalk™, Insala’s U.S. clients have experienced a 57% increase in use during the fourth quarter of 2008, compared with the fourth quarter of 2007. In the U.K. the increase during the same period is nearly 20% and a notable 90% increase for the E.U., illustrating how some organizations are providing outplacement assistance for employees affected by layoffs and redundancies.

“We’ll continue to report our findings, which we view as the silver lining during bad times,” says Phillip Roark, Insala President and CEO. “Many organizations that care about their exiting employees are turning to outplacement firms to assist in their job search. Those firms are using EmploymentTalk™ to efficiently and cost effectively facilitate that process; in turn, they realize a greater gain in enhanced corporate reputation and rehires during recruitment efforts.”

Reed Consulting reports in The Value of Outplacement that 81% of employers engage help from external outplacement providers, with 50% of surveyed employers exclusively using external providers. With more layoffs looming, outplacement firms stand a chance to streamline services and resources for clients while maintaining high-touch personalized services with help from online outplacement solutions such as EmploymentTalk™.

About Insala

Insala partners with organizations to develop and deliver business strategy solutions and to maximize human capital in today’s competitive and changing social and economic environment. Insala’s powerful outplacement and career services technology solutions are utilized by organizations worldwide.

The Insala Solution Suite spans outplacement, succession planning, career development, performance management, leadership development, employee surveys, and mentoring software. Delivering unique solutions through advanced technology, content and consulting services, Insala solutions offer sustainable, measurable value with long-term impact for organizations worldwide. For more information, please visit us at

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