Monday, February 9, 2009

Bill Morris, Managing Director for Accenture Canada, at the Canadian Club of Montreal's podium

Extreme economic conditions create unnerving volatility but also offer real opportunity. Accenture's research demonstrates that companies with the confidence and vision to act decisively coming out of a downturn consistently establish strong and lasting competitive advantage. In the new economic era - four forces of change can be harnessed by organizations to achieve high performance.

1) The free market meltdown, due to unregulated financial markets, has
made government intervention necessary to protect our economy and
restore public confidence.
2) Discontinuities and faster market transitions will provide dynamic
economic opportunity inside of the new economic model which is
evolving globally.
3) Creation of an operating model that discriminates, balances and
integrates global and local forces.
4) Valuing leadership and leading with values.

Our future is being reshaped before our eyes. As the downturn runs its
course, High Performers will harness government partnership, market
opportunities, global/local refinement and rise to the leadership challenge to
create a competitive head start that they will earn and deserve - while coming
out of the current crisis - much further ahead!

We hope that you will join us for this fascinating luncheon.

For further information: Media: Ginette Bergogne, Executive Director,
Canadian Club of Montreal, (514) 398-0457,

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