Friday, March 30, 2012

Sterling Announces New Referral Program to Attract New Patients to Healthcare Practices

Sterling president, Barbara Wilson, today announced the release of the practice management firm’s new Care Enough to Share referral program which uses gift cards and special offers to bring in new patients to healthcare practices. The referral gift cards are custom-designed for each practice and bear the practice logo, name, contact information and a special incentive devised by the practitioner to attract new patients, such as a free teeth-whitening for dentists or a free vision screening for optometrists.

“With our current economic climate, healthcare practice owners are worried about generating new business. The referral cards in our new Care Enough to Share program look like retail gift cards which people would want to hold onto. The staff pass out the cards to existing patients to pass onto friends and family. The new patients come in for treatment," said Wilson.

Each referral gift card has a magnetic strip on back which the practice owner can use to track which of the staff have brought in the referral. An online dashboard enables the owner or staff to track sales and referrers. Sterling recommends rewarding staff who are responsible for giving out the cards which brought in the referrals. The Care Enough to Share program includes free, simple online training for staff.

About Sterling

Sterling, Inc., is a practice management consulting firm which provides customized consulting and training to healthcare professionals to help them achieve a better practice for a better life. In business for nearly three decades, Sterling is the most successful consulting company of its kind in the world. Sterling has delivered management seminars to over 160,000 professionals and their staffs and more then 70,000 management and personal achievement courses to clients and their staffs. Sterling consultants have delivered over half-a-million hours of consulting, apprenticing and coaching. As a result, Sterling clients have seen their revenues and productivity rise to unprecedented levels. For more information on Sterling, its services and client testimonials, visit

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